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Best of SMH Healthe-Matters Blog 2018

Best of SMH Healthe-Matters Blog 2018

As the area's only community hospital, Sarasota Memorial strives to connect you with the essential health and wellness information you need, from the local experts you trust. In 2018, our experts shared their top health and parenting tips, answered dozens of reader questions and reported on relevant happenings in our weekly Healthe-Matters blog posts. 

Here's a look back at the top Healthe-Matters blog posts of 2018.

#1 "Red Tide & Your Health: What You Need to Know"

SMH Pulmonary Disease specialist Dr. Kirk Voelker, MD, explains what red tide means for your health in this Ask An Expert video.

#2 "Urgent Care or ER: A Guide, by Symptom"

Medical care at an urgent care center is not the same as care at an emergency room. So what’s the difference? How do you know when to go to urgent care or when you should head for the nearest hospital emergency room?

#3 "Button Batteries & Kids: What You Need to Know"

Thousands of young children swallow lithium button batteries each year in the US. Use these tips to prevent ingestions in your home, recognize the symptoms and know what to do if you suspect a battery ingestion.

#4 "Cutting-edge Stroke Care: One Mom's Story"

Kati Council was jump-starting her day with an early morning CrossFit class when an intense dizziness enveloped her and she suddenly sank to the floor. SMH Neurologist Juliette Coleman, exercising beside Kati that morning, immediately recognized the signs of a severe stroke.

#5 "Get the Facts on Rat Poison-tainted ‘Legal Weed’ ~ Ask an Expert Q&A"

Recent social-media posts and news segments warning that a synthetic cannabinoid called “spice” was causing people to “bleed from their eyes” prompted us to seek out the truth behind the click-bait headlines. What are the health risks of using spice, aka "legal weed" or "K2"?

#6 "TAVR Now an Option for More Heart Patients"

More cardiac patients are now eligible for the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR), a minimally invasive treatment for aortic stenosis that was formerly reserved for high-risk patients too sick for open-heart surgery.

#7 "Breast Cancer: The Genetic Risk"

Cancer—especially breast cancer—often seems to run in families. This could be because the relatives share certain lifestyle habits or have the same environmental exposures. Occasionally, though, the cancer can be inherited—a mutation in the genetic code that is passed down from generation to generation.

#8 "Flu 2018: What You Need to Know"

Want to stay healthy this season? Here’s what you need to know to beat colds and flu.

#9 "‘I have cancer. Now what?’"

Learning that you have cancer is overwhelming. The days and weeks that follow are filled with uncertainty and mind-boggling amounts of information for you and your loved ones. Here, an SMH cancer navigation specialist offers suggestions to help guide you and your loved ones through the cancer journey.

#10 "Fever in Kids: When to Worry"

As parents, we’ll always worry when our kids are sick, especially if they have fever—and it can be really scary, if your sick child is an infant. But when should we worry? When should we call the pediatrician or head to an urgent care center?

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