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Important Changes Amid COVID-19


Sarasota Memorial has temporarily put on hold some classes and group meetings, or has switched to an online format, amid the COVID-19 health crisis. This includes OB tours, some in-person childbirth-education classes and Mother-Baby support group meetings.

Sarasota Memorial is offering a select number of childbirth education classes online, as well as video-conference meetings for the Mother-Baby Support Groups and virtual appointments for one-on-one lactation support after hospital discharge. (See below for details; look for available in-person classes in red.)

Group Support: For instructions on how to join the virtual Mother-Baby Support Group, please email

Latch / Breastfeeding Support: In-person Latch Clinics have resumed; see info below. Nursing mothers who need one-on-one help should call SMH's Breastfeeding Support phone line at 941-917-7413 or email child-birth@smh.comMoms also can access lactation and parenting help through our community partner program, Healthy Start Connect. Call 941-373-7070.


Online Childbirth Education Classes

Online "Having Your Baby at SMH," Virtual Orientation & Tour: Learn what to expect when delivering a baby at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, get answers to your birth questions, and view a virtual tour of the hospital during this hour-long, livestreamed webinar. Click here to choose a date and register for the online class.

Online Prepared Childbirth ClassOur popular Prepared Childbirth Class is now offered online — in English and in Spanish — so busy parents-to-be can prepare for the birth experience whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for them. (Vea a continuación para obtener información sobre la clase en español.) Online class participants will learn essential information about labor, comforting techniques for delivery, pain-management options, Cesarean birth and post-birth care for mom. The course includes birth-story videos and an opportunity to customize your own birth plan. The online materials take about five hours to complete, but participants can go at their own pace and will have access to the materials for six months, plus access to the bonus “Parents Toolbox” content for 18 months after purchase. To register for the English-version online class, go to our Online Prepared Childbirth Class Eventbrite Page. Once you’ve registered and paid, look for an email with course-login instructions. COST: $80 per couple + processing fee

Online Baby Care Basics: Wondering how best care for your new baby? This program features real-life situations and videos on how to care for your new baby. Evidence-based topics included are newborn behaviors such as states of alertness, crying and comforting your newborn, bathing, nail care, diapering, infant sleep, newborn health and newborn safety. Parents often enjoy viewing the program before baby's birth and referring back after baby's birth. You will have access to the program for 6 months after purchase. To register for the online class, go to our Online Baby Care Basics Eventbrite Page. Once you've registered and paid, look for an email with course login instructions. COST: $50 + processing fee

Online Breastfeeding Basics: Filled with step-by-step instructions, videos and 3D animation, this evidence-based breastfeeding program includes: how breastfeeding works, getting the best start, breastfeeding positions and latching on, when to feed your baby, how to know that baby is getting enough milk and breastfeeding lifestyle. You will have access to the program for 6 months after puchase. To register, visit our Online Breastfeeding Basics Eventbrite Page. Once you've registered and paid, look for an email with course-login instructions. COST: $45 + processing fee

La Clase De Parto Preparado En Línea (en Español): Nuestra popular clase de parto preparado ahora se ofrece en línea, en español, por lo que los futuros padres ocupados pueden prepararse para la experiencia de nacimiento cuando y donde sea más conveniente para ellos. Los participantes de la clase en línea aprenderán información esencial sobre el trabajo de parto, técnicas reconfortantes para el parto, opciones para el manejo del dolor, parto por cesárea y cuidado post-nacimiento para la madre. El curso incluye videos de historia de nacimiento y una oportunidad para personalizar su propio plan de nacimiento. Los materiales en línea tardan unas cinco horas en completarse, pero los participantes pueden ir a su propio ritmo y tendrán acceso a los materiales durante seis meses, además de acceso al contenido de bonificación "Parents Toolbox" durante 18 meses después de la compra. Para registrarse en la clase en español, vaya a nuestra página de Eventbrite de La Clase De Parto Preparado En Línea. Una vez que se haya registrado y pagado, busque un correo electrónico con las instrucciones de inicio de sesión del curso. COSTO: $80 por pareja + tarifa de procesamiento

Childbirth Education Program

Sarasota Memorial offers a comprehensive range of expert-led educational courses to prepare families for baby’s arrival and to support them after the birth. The next best thing to an instruction manual for newborns, our courses include interactive instruction for parents-to-be, grandparents, and even siblings, to ensure that the whole family is ready to welcome baby home.

For the educational sessions, you'll need to sign-up in advance. We recommend signing up for classes by your second trimester and finishing them four weeks prior to your due date. Also, be sure to choose your preferred class location, Sarasota or North Port.  

Click to see our calendar of upcoming childbirth education offerings and to sign-up.

If you have any questions, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or email

Preparing for a New Baby: Pre-birth Courses

{Some in-person classes are temporarily canceled due to COVID-19.}

Prepared Childbirth Education: Designed to help expectant mothers and their partner or support person prepare for the birth experience, this course covers such topics as how to know when you are in labor, techniques to facilitate a smooth delivery, pain-management options and post-birth care for mom. The 7-hour class is offered as an all-day Saturday class or as a four-week series (2 hours once a week for four weeks). COST: $80 per couple + processing fee {NOTE: Space is limited to accommodate physical distancing; participants will be asked to wear masks and will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms.}

Baby Bundle Class: This one-day class combines three classes into one! Baby Care Basics, Breastfeeding Basics and Infant CPR & Choking are now bundled into one learning experience for the ultimate in convenience and new-parent education. Check the calendar for upcoming dates. COST: $120 per couple + processing fee {NOTE: Space is limited to accommodate physical distancing; participants will be asked to wear masks and will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms.}
Tour for Parents-to-Be:
In-person OB tours have been temporarily cancelled. Click here to watch a virtual tour of the hospital, and please register for the hour-long, livestreamed "Having Your Baby at SMH" webinar; details above. 

Baby Care Basics: This two-hour class teaches parents-to-be the essentials for caring for a newborn. Increase your confidence and new-parent know-how with instruction on bathing and diapering, newborn sleep cycles, swaddling, how to calm a crying baby, infant safety and more. COST: $50 per couple + processing fee {NOTE: THIS CLASS IS TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE.}

Breastfeeding Basics: In this two-hour class, expectant moms and their partners learn what to expect, the benefits of nursing, positioning and latch techniques, how to maintain milk supply, and tips for breastfeeding success. COST: $45 per couple + processing fee. {NOTE: THIS CLASS IS TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE.}

Education for the Whole Family

CPR and Choking Rescue for Infants: This class is a must for all parents, grandparents and babysitters—whether you take it before baby arrives or after. Participants learn lifesaving infant CPR and choking first-aid skills, using the American Heart Association’s proven practice-while-watching technique. This provides participants with the most hands-on CPR practice time possible during the 1.5-hour class. Note: This is not a certification course. COST: $55 per couple + processing fee {NOTE: Space is limited to accommodate physical distancing; participants will be asked to wear masks and will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms.}

Big Sister / Big Brother Class: Designed for kids ages 3 – 10, this two-hour class teaches siblings-to-be what to expect when baby arrives, how they can help out, and safety concerns to consider. A children’s tour of the maternity unit is included. COST: $25 per family + processing fee {NOTE: THIS CLASS IS TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE.}

Daddy 101:
For dads, by dads, this free, three-hour workshop allows rookie dads to get insight from veteran fathers on the changes, challenges and joys that come with fatherhood. Topics include responsible fatherhood, mom’s changes, making time, newborn care, safety, finances, parents and in-laws, and community resources. COST: Free  {NOTE: THIS CLASS IS TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE.}

Newborn Care for Grandparents:
Being promoted from parent to grandparent is such an exciting time! No doubt, many things have changed since you parented your newborn(s). In this two-hour class, grandparents learn the latest recommendations around infant care and safety. Topics also include feeding, bathing, sleep, skin care, car seats, and much more. COST: $40 per couple + processing fee {NOTE: THIS CLASS IS TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE.}


New Parent Support

Breastfeeding Support and Latch Clinics: Need help with breastfeeding, or just affirmation that you’re on the right track? Join an international board-certified lactation consultant and other new moms at one of our free, weekly drop-in breastfeeding support and latch clinics. New moms will get one-on-one help and guidance. You can weigh your baby, see how much milk he/she is eating, ensure proper latch, get your nursing questions answered, or simply visit with other breastfeeding moms. No registration required for the support class; however, space is limited to ensure proper physical distancing amid COVID-19 concerns. COST: Free 
Tuesdays — 2 - 3:30 pm, Waldemere Medical Plaza (2nd floor) 
Thursdays — 2- 3:30 pm, Waldemere Medical Plaza (2nd floor)

Mother-Baby Support Group: {See important note above; these are temporarily being offered online.} Whether you’re a new mom or a veteran, the first year after baby’s arrival can be a rollercoaster. Bring baby along, and come share the celebrations and challenges of mommyhood during one of our free, weekly support groups. Listen to others’ stories, learn new tips and connect with others on the mom journey. Groups are split based on baby’s age/mobility. Meetings last an hour; come any time, and leave when you need to. No registration required. COST: Free
Every Wednesday, Clark Road Health Care Center/HealthFit
Group 1 (crawling to 1 year): 12:30 - 1:30 pm
Group 2  (3 weeks - crawling): 2 - 3 pm 

Class Registration & Payment

For the courses that require it, you can sign-up and pay class fees by credit card online. If you need to pay by check, please call (941) 917-1700. If you are participating in the Healthy Start Program, please contact your Care Coordinator. In the event you need to cancel, full refunds will be made (minus a 10% processing fee), if the cancellation is received at least seven days prior to class start. 

Note: We reserve the right to cancel classes at any time.

For more information, call 941-917-1700 or email