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cardiac clinicCardiovascular Disease Management Clinics

We offer a multidisciplinary approach to prevent or slow the progression of cardiovascular disease, including the following outpatient services:

  • Anticoagulation Clinics – Conveniently located throughout Manatee & Sarasota counties, our outpatient clinics help patients at any stage of anticoagulation therapy safely manage their anticoagulation medications, including warfarin sodium, Coumadin and Jantoven, increase the amount of time their blood tests remain in the appropriate range and help manage conditions that require the use of short-term or long-term anticoagulants, including atrial fibrillation, mechanical heart valves, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism or other forms of blood clots.

  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation – Whether patients have had a heart attack or heart transplant, asthma or emphysema, our Cardiovascular and Pulmonary specialists help improve their health with monitored exercise training and lifestyle education. Most major insurance carriers and Medicare cover this program. For information, call 941-917-6139 in Sarasota or 941-257-2850 in North Port.

  • Heart Failure Center – We provide heart failure patients and their families with comprehensive education, symptom management and monitoring to strengthen cardiovascular health and improve quality of life. We work with each patient to create an individual plan of outpatient clinic visits, frequent symptom and weight tracking by phone, expert pharmacological regimes, activity/rest and dietary guidelines, and ongoing communication with Primary Care Physicians. Medicare and most insurance plans cover this service. For a physician referral form or to schedule an appointment, call 941-917-7867 (917-PUMP).

  • Nutrition counseling and lifestyle coaching – To lose weight, improve fitness or address a serious heart problem, patients turn to our nutrition and lifestyle coaches for the education and support to change old habits and meet personal wellness goals. Medical nutrition therapies can help people manage or reduce risks for heart disease, hypertension, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, digestive disorders and more. Call our nutrition specialists at 941-917-7468.

  • Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease / Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation – Sarasota Memorial was the first site certified in South Florida and second in Florida to offer the Dr. Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease for those who want to lose weight, lower their cholesterol and blood pressure, and reverse cardiovascular disease without medications or surgery. Covered by Medicare, the nine-week program combines intensive cardiac rehabilitation, meal preparation based on the Ornish Diet, stress management techniques and social support. Call 941-917-6139 or visit for more information.

  • Secondary Stroke and TIA Prevention Clinic – Specialized stroke team and nurse educators provide education and follow-up care on an outpatient basis to help stroke patients or those who have had a TIA prevent a second attack. Information: 941-917-3890.

  • Valve Clinic – Our nationally recognized team of Cardiovascular Specialists evaluate, support and manage the care of patients with complex valve disorders, especially those who may not be candidates for surgery due to age or other medical conditions. Our multidisciplinary approach combines the collaborative efforts of referring Primary Care Physicians, Cardiologists, Interventionalists and Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeons to provide focused assessments and the latest, safest treatment options, including Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). For information, call 941-917-6968.