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Patient Transfers to Sarasota Memorial

Transfer Procedure for Referring Physicians & Hospitals

1. Call the Sarasota Memorial Transfer Center at 941-917-3900.

2. Provide the patient's demographic information, condition, referring physician name and hospital.

3. If you do not have access to Sarasota Memorial’s electronic medical records system, please prepare copies of the patient’s chart and relevant diagnostic tests (lab work, imaging scans, etc.) Send information with the patient or fax to 941-917-2580.

Your referrals are important to us!

Sarasota Memorial’s Transfer Center helps ensure that admitting patients to our facilities — including the Sarasota hospital and our new Sarasota Memorial Hospital-Venice — is an efficient, fast and convenient process.

To initiate a transfer, call 941-917-3900.

The center’s specially trained team members are available 24/7 to help:

  • Expedite physician-to-physician consults

  • Assist with transportation

  • Promptly place patients on the appropriate specialty care unit via real-time monitoring of available beds

  • Facilitate transfer of clinical documentation

  • Notify the sending hospital of the patient’s safe arrival and placement