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SMH Baby App, Powered by YoMingo 

SMH Baby App Powered by YoMingo

Whether you’re a mom-to-be or a new mom, we’ve designed an app just for you: SMH Baby, Powered by YoMingo!

With the tips, tools and resources you need in one place, the comprehensive tool offers anytime, anywhere support, at every stage of the mom journey — from pregnancy through early motherhood.

Powered by YoMingo, SMH Baby delivers customized content + free, convenient access to:

  • Expert tips and information on prenatal care, labor and birth, breastfeeding, newborn care and postpartum wellness — including lots of videos.

  • Specifics about the birth experience at Sarasota Memorial Hospital, including details about your arrival and stay.

  • Sarasota Memorial’s menu of childbirth education classes and support groups for new moms and breastfeeding assistance.

  • Handy pregnancy tools, including a kick counter, contraction timer and personal journal. 

  • Must-have tools for tracking your newborn’s wellness, including feeding and immunization logs.


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Check it out today: Click here to set up your account on, then follow the registration instructions. Once you’ve registered, download the mobile app — search for “myYoMingo” in your app store or scan the QR code below — or use the online version by logging in at from any device with an Internet connection.


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