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SMH-Sarasota lobbyAccommodations & Amenities at SMH-Sarasota

At Sarasota Memorial Hospital-Sarasota, patient room assignments are based on availability and patient needs. If we are unable to fulfill a patient or physician room-assignment request at the time of admission or you would like to transfer to another room, please let your healthcare team know. When possible, we will make arrangements to honor your request.

SMH-Sarasota admits patients and provides treatment without regard to race, color, national origin, age, gender, disability or religion.

Valuables & Personal Belongings

Because the hospital is a very busy place, we recommend keeping personal items and valuables at home. If this isn’t possible, there is a safe available in the Cashier’s Office on the SMH-Sarasota Campus. Personal items kept at the bedside — such as dentures, eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, canes and walkers — are the patient’s responsibility. Be sure to label these personal items with the patient's name.

For items that have been lost or found during your stay, call 941-917-7500

In-room Patient Dining

SMH-Sarasota Room ServiceSMH-Sarasota patients have a number of fresh meal options to choose from, making it easy to find meals that suit their personal tastes and diets. Posted on the bedside in each room, patients will find a restaurant-style menu developed by the hospital's executive chef. For patients with special dietary needs, these menus also will include diet-specific menu inserts (heart-healthy, pediatrics, plant-based, etc.).

Room Service — Patients who can order meals without assistance (Mother-Baby, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, etc.) may call in orders for Room Service. These patients can choose fresh, made-to-order meals from the bedside menu anytime from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. by selecting “option 1” on their in-room phone. Breakfast options are available all day. Offsite family members also can place meal orders for hospitalized loved ones from outside the hospital by calling 941-262-3663.

Fresh to You Service — Our Fresh to You meal service is designed for patients on higher-acuity units who may need assistance ordering meals. Nutrition attendants will take patients’ meal orders, ensuring the choices meet dietary requirements. These patients may choose from daily specials or one of the options on the bedside menu.

In-room Dining for Patient Guests — Patient visitors may order their own meal tray for $8.99. The guest meal tray will be delivered along with the patient’s meal, so that the guest doesn’t have to leave the bedside. To order an in-room guest meal, call 941-262-3663.


Patient rooms are equipped with telephones, and each patient-room phone has a designated phone number that can be dialed directly from an outside phone. You'll find the room's direct phone number displayed on the wall-mounted patient white board. Local calls are free.

To make a phone call using a patient room phone:

  • Calls to off-campus phone numbers: Dial 9 + the number.
  • Long-distance calls: Call collect; use a credit card; or have the charges billed to your home by dialing 9 + 00.
  • Blocking calls: Dial *6 to block calls to the patient room. Outgoing calls can still be made when this feature is activated. To cancel call blocking, enter #6.
  • For hearing impaired: TDD-amplified handsets and phones for the deaf are available; ask a healthcare team member for assistance.
  • Non-English speakers: Arrangements can be made for a language line for patients who do not speak English. Interpreters also are available for most languages.


Walgreens offers bedside medications delivery to patients at the SMH-Sarasota Campus!
Sarasota Memorial and Walgreens Pharmacy have teamed up to provide a service that eases the transition from hospital to home: bedside delivery of a patient's prescription medications. Patients can have their prescriptions filled and delivered directly to their hospital room prior to being discharged, eliminating a tedious extra stop between hospital and home.

Simply fill out a request form and the patients' nurse will fax it to the pharmacy, along with the prescriptions. Walgreens handles any necessary insurance authorizations, then fills and delivers the order directly to the patient or nursing unit. For more information, call Walgreens at Waldemere Medical Plaza at 941-955-6012.