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Sarasota Memorial’s Memory Clinic produces a free monthly newsletter, “On Your Mind,” which is available as a PDF download from the links below. 

If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it now. To receive the newsletter via email or U.S. mail, please call 941-917-7197. 

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Current issue: June
The Healthy Brain Initiative and When Am I Required to Provide My Social Security Number

Previous Issues:

December 2018
Why Older Travelers are More Tech Savvy Than You Think

November 2018
Delirium and the Risk of Developing New Dementia and People 65 Years and older and the Flu

October 2018
Real World Brain Exercises and Dementia Care & Cure Initiative (DCCI)

September 2018
Anti-amyloid Agent Shows Promise and The People's Pharmacy

August 2018
Warning Signs of Dehydration and Why Older Adults are at Higher Risk for Dehydration

July 2018
Depression and Memory Loss, How Exercise and Other Activities Beat Dementia