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Monthly Newsletter

Sarasota Memorial’s Memory Clinic produces a free monthly newsletter, “On Your Mind,” which is available as a PDF download from the links below. 

If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download it now. To receive the newsletter via email or U.S. mail, please call 941-917-7197. 

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Current issue: March
The Eye is the Window to the Brain (ARIAS Study) and Younger-Onset Alzheimer's Disease Act

Previous Issues:

August 2019
Circus Arts Conservatory in Health Care, Teen Volunteers at SMH, and Having the Driving Discussion

July 2019
Be Red Cross Ready and Brain Health Supplement

June 2019
The Healthy Brain Initiative and When Am I Required to Provide My Social Security Number

May 2019
Governor Ron DeSantis Highlights Key Iniatives to Support Floridians with Alzheimer's

April 2019
3 Smal Changes To Feel More Control Over Your Life and Why "How Are You?" Is Acutally the Worst Way to Start a Conversation