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Thrive Integrative Cancer ProgramThrive Support & Survivorship:
Cancer Care Beyond Treatment

We think of cancer care as having two essential components: There’s the clinical piece—surgical and non-surgical treatments—and then, there’s everything else, everything that a patient and their loved ones need to feel encouraged, healthy and supported through the cancer journey—everything they need to thrive.

Cancer patients and their loved ones deserve the most effective tools and support available to help them manage a cancer diagnosis and everything that comes with it. At Sarasota Memorial, coordinated cancer support and survivorship wellness services are unified under the Thrive Integrated Cancer Program. 

The Thrive program’s conventional and supportive therapies—from counseling to mind-body wellness classes, physical therapy/cancer rehab and palliative care—are customized to complement each patient’s treatment plan and to enable patients and their loved ones to thrive. 

Sarasota Memorial’s Thrive support and survivorship wellness services include:

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For more information about Sarasota Memorial’s Thrive cancer support and survivorship services, call 941-917-7827.

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Personal Guidance on the Cancer Journey

Oncology Navigation Program: Sarasota Memorial Oncology Navigators are registered nurses with specialized training in cancer care who help patients and their loved ones manage the many facets of the cancer journey. Our navigators serve as liaisons between physicians, patients and loved ones to enhance communication, coordination and understanding. Their goal is to improve patients’ quality of life, empower families with access to resources and engage them in developing care plans collaboratively.

Post-treatment Survivorship Care: Transitioning after active cancer treatment can be challenging—physically, mentally and emotionally. Our Thrive cancer-survivorship services include individualized guidance and post-treatment care plans, along with free, helpful resources to optimize each patient’s quality of life. The post-treatment care plans detail recommended follow-up visits, screenings and testing, plus offer tips on staying healthy and dealing with treatment side effects.

Counseling Services

Oncology Counseling: Our licensed, certified oncology counselors provide emotional support and wellness connections for patients and loved ones coping with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. They can help identify strategies for effective coping, as well as help with problem-solving and identifying helpful resources. For information, please call 941-917-7293.

Nutritional Counseling: Sarasota Memorial registered dietitians meet with patients and loved ones to develop customized nutritional plans that can help maintain health through cancer treatment.

Genetic Counseling: Our certified genetic counselors assess patients, coordinate testing for hereditary cancer risk and educate families about opportunities to mitigate risk and improve early detection.

Conventional and Supportive Therapies

Cancer Rehabilitation: Our multi-disciplinary specialists are here to help patients manage cancer-related conditions, symptoms or side effects. Customized rehabilitation plans are designed to address a patient’s individual issues, including pain or weakness, cognitive impairment, mobility issues and difficulty swallowing.

Creative Arts Program: This free weekly program explores the meditative benefits of artistic self-expression. For class details and to RSVP (required), call 941-917-7293.

Palliative Medicine

Sarasota Memorial offers inpatient palliative care services as an added layer of support for seriously ill patients and their families. Click here to learn more about our Supportive Care Services.

Wellness and Exercise

Group Wellness & Exercise Classes: Free, oncology-specific classes to cancer patients, loved ones and caregivers. Wellness and exercise classes are mind-body focused and led by certified exercise specialists.

Oncology Massage: Oncology-certified massage therapists provide tailored massages for cancer patients.

Support and Networking

Monthly Peer-support & Education Meetings: Connect with others who have similar diagnoses and experiences. Gain strength through this support network and learn from guest-speaker physicians and experts. Click here for dates of the next Women-to-Women and Men-to-Men cancer support group meetings.