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SMH Wayfinder App IconSMH Wayfinder App Gets You Where You Need to Go

Finding your way around Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) just got a lot easier thanks to the SMH Wayfinder app, which offers users turn-by-turn directions inside the hospital.  

Much like a GPS, the app features blue-dot guidance, showing users’ exact location inside the hospital on an animated green path as it plots the best route to the entered destination. The interactive map also includes landmark references, automatic re-routing when you go off track, and notable information about your surroundings, such as cafeteria hours. 

The free, downloadable SMH Wayfinder uses a smartphone’s compass and geomagnetic positioning technology to help visitors easily navigate SMH’s Sarasota campus, Rehabilitation Pavilion, and 8-story Brian D. Jellison Cancer Institute Oncology Tower. The high-tech guidance app—the first of its kind to be deployed in a U.S. hospital—is available in both iOS and Android formats, making it compatible with the majority of compass-equipped digital devices.  

SMH Wayfinder App Features

  • Free and easy to download from the Apple (iOS) or Google Play (Android) stores
  • Unlike GPS systems, which do not work indoors, the geomagnetic technology is highly accurate inside buildings, offering pinpoint precision within 3 to 5 feet.
  • Choose between two different views for turn-by-turn directions: blue-dot guidance on an interactive map or a list of written directions to your destination.
  • Automatic re-routing if you go off track, or if an area or elevator is closed for maintenance.
  • Location-based notifications with information about your surroundings, such as cafeteria hours.

To download a PDF about the new app, please click here.


The SMH Wayfinder app is designed to complement Sarasota Memorial’s existing patient and visitor navigation resources, which include the touchscreen, informational kiosks in the hospital lobbies; the green shirt-clad HealthFront staff who are stationed across the main campus; and the free, downloadable SMH App.

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