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Important message from Dr Alissa Shulman - Chief of Staff

As I mentioned in my last communication, I will be reviewing with you important sections of the Rules and Regulations document. This communication addresses the revised guidelines that directly affect the collaboration of the physician and his/her advanced practice professional when documenting in the medical record.  See Article III Medical Records and Article V Medical Orders. 

SMH Medical Staff Rules and Regulations (09.21.2020)
Of specific interest is countersignatures for Advanced Practice Professionals. 
5.C.(7) Advanced Practice Professionals may be authorized to issue medication orders as specifically delineated in their clinical privileges. If requrired by the Advanced Practice Professional's written supervision agreement, any such order will be countersigned in accordance with Section 3.B.2. of these Rules and Regulations. 

The APP co-signature requirement will be discontinued on February 1, 2021; however, the APP will be required to state the specific supervising physician in the body of their notes each day. 

  • ***If any individual physician wishes to keep the APP co-signature requirement in place for those APP's he/she maintains a collaboration, they must notify Medical Staff Services immediately via email to
  • An update of the Rules and Regulations can be found on the website. To locate, For Physicians [Physician Resources] scroll down the page, Medical Staff Services Section | SMH Rules and Regulations, link here

Medical Staff Dues $150 Assessment will replace Medical Staff Reappointment and CME Fees
The Bylaws approved by the Medical Staff in 2019 state that Annual Dues will be collected in lieu of Reappointment and CME Fees.  Physicians (All Categories) and Advances Practice Professionals will be assessed $150 annually.  Dues were not initially assessed in 2020 due to Covid-19, and reappointment fees have not been collected since 2019.

The Medical Executive Committee recommended that these dues will fund the costs associated with Credentialing and Privileging - $100 (software, verification subscriptions) and Continuing Medical Education/Healthstream Subscription - $50.

Annual Dues are separate from Initial Appointment Fee for Sarasota Memorial Hospital – Venice
Payment can be made for groups or individual practitioner.  Invoices distributed via email.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital - Venice
With the Venice Hospital set to open this Fall, our Medical Staff Services team will be contacting current practitioners to determine interest in applying to the SMH Venice medical staff.  This is a separate medical staff; governing documents (Bylaws, Organizational Manual, Rules & Regulations, and Joint Credentials Policy) were approved in December.

SMH Sepsis Guidelines
In a collaborative effort of the Sepsis Committee and CDI Team, Guidelines and Documentation Tips to Improve Diagnosis, Treatment and Documentation of Sepsis were developed.  These were approved by MEC in November; link here