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November 2017 Edition 


Continuing Education Activities:

Nov. 9th 1200-1300 Trauma Rounds- Surgical Volunteerism: Shoulder-To-Shoulder and Face-To-Face presented by Lou M. Smith, MD

Nov. 17th 0800-0900 Grand Rounds- Changes in the Endogenous Cannabinoid System with Aging and in Neurodegenerative Diseases presented by Juan Sanchez-Ramos, MD, PhD

Dec. 12th 1200-1300 The CARES Initiative: New Therapeutic and Expert Guidance for the Comprehensive, Patient-Centered Management of T22DM (med-learning group) presented by James W. Reed

Flu Vaccination Plan:

It’s that time of year again…Flu Shot Season! We thank you for doing the right thing for our patients as well as helping us reduce the risk of exposure to our team members. ***If you receive your flu shot elsewhere you must submit documentation***
SCAN documentation, or take a picture with phone camera, attach and Email to
    • Flu season runs from October to May
    • Employee Health Services will offer walk-in times for flu vaccination from Friday 10/6/17 thru Friday 11/17/17
    • The compliance deadline is Sunday 11/19/17
Sarasota Memorial Health Care System is committed to protecting its patients and employees from influenza. The CDC recommends the annual influenza vaccine as the first and most important step in protecting against flu viruses.

New Patient Discharge Note:

On November 6th, 2017 Clinical & Business Systems will pilot a new discharge process on 8WT, 8ET, 7ET, & 5WT. The new process is designed to streamline the Physician and Nursing discharge workflow and to improve the Patient’s discharge instructions.
   • Two new discharge notes will be added into SCM, a Physician Discharge Instruction Note and a Patient Discharge Instruction Note. The discharging provider will complete the Physician Discharge Note and nursing will complete the Patient Discharge Note (physician discharge instructions copy forward to the Patient Discharge Instruction Note). The nurse will print the Patient Discharge Instruction note only and give to the patient.
   • **Note: All providers discharging patients from 8WT, 8ET, 7ET, or 5WT will be automatically directed to document on the new note, however, if discharging a patient from any other unit, they will continue with the current discharge process.
Clinical and Business Systems will provide support for the first two weeks of implementation. If anyone has questions please call the Front-End Support @ (941)302-7808 or email Julie Kapiotis or Jessica Coyne for assistance.

New Sedation Credentialing:  
After evaluation of the sedation processes at SMHCS by surveyors and consultants, it has been determined that there is a deficiency in documentation of competencies in sedation education and advanced life support skills. The Medical Executive Committee has approved changing the requirements for privileges to include:
   1. Current American Heart Association ACLS, ATLS, PALS, NALS, and/or NRP certification.
   2. Passing rate of the SMH Sedation Exam is also required.
   3. New Sedation for Non-Anesthesiologist Practitioner Delineation of Privilege form
These requirements must be completed by January 31, 2018. Failure to complete these requirements by this date will result in relinquishment of sedation privileges. Please contact Aubrey George at or call (941)917-1507 with questions.

Resident Program and Medical Staff Communication
In order to maximize their educational experience, the IM residency program leadership has requested that attending/consultants with patients on the teaching service contact the residents via Voalte or cell phone. The goal is to improve communication and to allow the residents to enter orders on their shared patients. All residents are listed in the SMH App, allowing medical staff to reach the residents either by Voalte or by their cell phones.


Kyle Garner, MD

Chief of Staff