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Important message from Dr Joseph Seaman - Chief of Staff


Winter 2018 Edition

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Basic Life Support Requirement for all Advanced Practice Professionals, at minimum.

Advanced Practice Professionals now require Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Professional certification, sponsored by American Heart Association (BLS-Instructor-Led Training or HeartCodeBLS), to obtain and maintain privileges –Approved by SMH Board, July 16, 2018.

Grandfathering of those Credentialed APP staff must obtain and submit BLS certification by his/her next reappointment.  The initiative was enacted by the SMH Advanced Practice Professional Committee to align with HR requirement for direct patient support staff.

FMA has posted a controlled substance prescribing course (approved by both the Florida Boards of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine) in its online CME catalog. The cost is $25 for members and $75 for nonmembers.

Beware of Cloning aka Copy & Pasting within the Electronic Medical Record

EMRs make many aspects of bedside clinical care easier.  Copying and pasting from day to day can be associated with misleading or incorrect information being documented.  Cloning previously recorded information from a prior note into a new note is a problem in health care institutions that is not broadly addressed.

  • The medical record must contain documentation showing the differences and the needs of the patient for each visit or encounter.
  • Simly changing the date on the EHR without reflecting what occurred during the actual visit is not acceptable.
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General (HHS-OIG) indicated that due to the growing problem of cloning, its staff would be paying close attention to EHR cloning
  • Here is a link to CMS for more information regarding the Electronic Health Record


Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs) Considerations for use: 

The Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee has been working on information regarding oral anti-coagulants. Direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) are becoming the preferred drug of choice in many indications; however, it is important to be able understand when they shouldn’t be used and how to select them versus warfarin.  It is also important that patients are aware of the pros and cons between the DOACs and warfarin.  Therefore, a DOAC selection criteria summary page was developed to help prescribers (and pharmacists) review the anticoagulation selection with their patients and to help prescribers (and pharmacists) understand when to utilize a DOAC.  The selection criteria table was slightly adapted from the Journal of Thrombosis & Thrombolysis for both DOACs and warfarin and was modified based on feedback from the anticoagulation team and P&T. Please see the attached table.

MRSA or VRE patients on contact isolation, no longer required. 

There have been a few changes to our isolation and treatment policies regarding MRSA/VRE. We no longer isolate for MRSA/VRE colonization. Here is a link to a thorough overview of the policy change from Dr. Gordillo. 


Our hospital is changing and growing – with this change and growth we are experiencing some inconveniences and frustrations.  The new West parking garage will open on December 20th and should decompress the other garages.  All students and residents have been assigned to park in the West garage.  Advanced Practice Professionals are to park in the garage where their specialty has been assigned /designated. 

In an effort to enhance quick provider access to the hospital in the early morning hours – the hospital is planning to trial allowing physicians to park in 8 of the first floor valet spots (in the North garage) from 6A to 9A.  For those providers who need to run in and see a few patients and then head to the office – this may improve their morning efficiency.  The spots will need to be vacated by 9A to allow for efficient use by valet.

Construction on the new cancer tower will begin later this month. There will be major changes to the flow of traffic into the hospital as well as some changes to the flow of patients and traffic in the front of the hospital.

New West Parking Garage, opening Dec. 20

Tired of the paper-sensitive, traditional credentialing application process? So are we!!

  • Medical Staff Services will be transitioning to MDStaff (automated credentialing) and MDApp (online application) 2019! 
  • MD-App allows providers to complete their applications and peer references via computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Additionally documents that are part of the application packet, such as bylaws and privilege forms, are available to the providers to download and review both before and after completing their online application.
  • Initial Applications will be sent January 2019 and Reappointments as early as March 2019.
  • E>Priv will provide live, read-only access to select provider data, including privileges.

MDStaff Photo 1
MDStaff Photo 2

SMH App Update

An update to the SMH App went live over the weekend. With a new look, the change was launched seamlessly, so the next time you access the SMH app, the new version appears and there isn’t a manual update. Additionally, you shouldn’t have to log in again if you were previously logged in to the “Find A Doctor” feature to access a cell phone number. For more information about the SMH App Update, visit To update your cell phone number, or login assistance, contact the Medical Staff Office at (941) 917-1500 or

Thank you all for protecting our patients and team members

Joseph Seaman, MD
Chief of Staff