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SMH Health Information ExchangeHealth Information Exchange (HIE)

What it Means to You - Opt In or Opt Out?

Health Information Exchange, HIE, allows secure, electronic sharing of a patient’s medical information among health care providers. It enables your doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other providers to share your medical history, lab or imaging results, or prescription information.

As a patient, here’s how HIE benefits you:

  • Improves Communication
    When providers know your full medical history, you can have more open, informed conversations with them.
  • Enhances Safety
    A provider who has your complete medical history can create a more personalized plan of care for you. Having your records also reduces the possibility of medical errors.
  • Saves Time
    Your appointment time is valuable! Immediate access to your health information means providers aren’t spending your visit searching for your records. They’re spending more informed, quality time with you.
  • Elevates Overall Quality of Care
    HIE is an important resource for those you entrust with your health. With secure, efficient access to your health care records, providers can make faster, smarter, safer decisions about your care wherever you are: doctor or specialist’s office, urgent care, hospital or pharmacy.

You may at anytime opt-out of having your information available on the health information exchange, SMH XChange, by calling (941) 917-6622.

The Health Information Exchange program is modernizing how patient health information is shared across the nation.
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Practice Providers

Cardiovascular Center of Sarasota:
Mafouz El Shahawy, MD
Susan Gaida, ARNP

Florida Interventional Specialists:
Daniel Case, MD
Justin Lee, MD
Jamie Lee, ARNP
Scott Perrin, MD
Clinton Wrigley, MD

Gulf Coast Kidney Associates:
Dennis Imperio, MD
Janis Lawrence-Jackson, DO
Andrew Lazin, MD
Lazo Pipovski, MD

Adrienne Berarducci, ARNP
Daniel Cooper, MD
Chris Gelvin, MD
Kevin Hohnwald, DO
Joe Ingallinera, PA

Sarasota Immediate Care:
Maureen Blais-Gestrich, PA
Teresa Hassard, ARNP
Joseph Sassano, DO

First Physicians Group Providers

Felice Baron, MD
Mitchel Beasley, DO
Lalita Bhamidipati, MD
Karen Bigby, MD
Diana Blackburn, PA-C
Melissa Boudreaux, PA-C
Pedro Briceno, MD
Mark Brus, MD
Meghan Buhler, MD
Andrew Burg, MD
Francisco Cervoni, MD
Dana Chaykin-Glover, DO
Emiliana Cruz-Hillis, MD
Diane Dabringhaus, ARNP
Rachel Dahlborg, MD
Kim Dumas, ARNP
Kevin Dunn, MD
Ruth Dyal, MD
Nicole Eggebrecht, ARNP
Lorena Ejercito, MD
Joseph Ferrari, MD
Michael Finazzo, MD
James Fiorica, MD
Jane Fischer, DNP, ARNP
Jeffrey Glover, DO
Jennifer Griffin, ARNP
Carrie Grubb, ARNP-C
Steven Halbreich, MD
Karen Hamad, MD
Kelly Hamel, MD
Stephanie Hedstrom, MD
Christopher Holden, MD
Linda Holmes, ARNP
Wendy Hurwitz, MD
Christopher Jefferson, MD
Gerald John, MD
Elizabeth Jungst, MD
Katherine Keeley, MD
Julianne Kenton-Haney, MD
Alan King, DO
Matthew Klima, DO
Jennifer Lambert, ARNP
Charlotta Langley, MD
 Janet Lewis, MD
Maureen Maguire, MD
Roni Marino, PA-C
Brett Mattei, PA-C
Kenneth Meredith, MD
Carolyn Miller, PA-C
Paul Montoya, MD
Veronica Nabizada, MD
Laura Nelson, DO
Linh Ngo-Blagden, MD
Albert Novak, DO
Robert Oppenheimer, MD
Kristen Paulus, MD
Eugene Pereira, MD
Carol Phillips, ARNP
Neil Pollack, MD
Diane Rhoden, MD
James Rodgers, DO
John (Jack) Rodman, MD
Carlos Rodriguez, MD
Enas Sallam, MD
Sherri Sanders, MD
Robert Shamsey, MD
Kristen Shepherd, MD
Michael Shroder, MD
Lindsay Shroyer, MD
Courtney Simmons, MD
Barry Stein, MD
Jennifer Stroble, MD, PhD
Rene Sueiro, MD
Eric Suescun, MD
Nicholas Sutera, MD
George Toth, MD
Greg Towsley, MD
Andrea Varga, MD
Maria Velasco-Ferrari, MD
John Wassenaar, MD
Charles Weiss, MD
Phaylinh Wells, PA-C
Joseph Yeh, MD
Clarissa Zafirov, MD