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Cancer Care Teams

Each patient in Sarasota Memorial’s integrated cancer program is matched with a team of specialists to leverage the full extent of our providers’ experience and expertise in diagnosing and treating cancers. At the center of this multi-disciplinary team-based approach is the patient: Physician rosters and care plans are specifically tailored to the patient’s needs, goals and case details.

Medical Directors

Richard Brown, MD – Our Medical Director of Cancer Care Services works collaboratively with physicians, surgeons and radiation oncologists across the region. Board certified in Hematology and Oncology, Dr. Brown oversees the medical standards and practices that guide our inpatient and outpatient Oncology units, Breast Health Center and Cancer Registry.

James V. Fiorica, MD – Working in a collaborative role with referring gynecologists, primary care physicians, medical and radiation oncologists and our genetic counselor, Dr. Fiorica serves as Medical Director of the Women’s Cancer Care program at Sarasota Memorial. He is nationally recognized for advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques and his expansive research in the field of gynecological cancers.

Kenneth Meredith, MD – As medical director of Sarasota Memorial’s Gastrointestinal Cancer Specialty Program, Dr. Meredith works with primary care physicians, gastroenterologists and oncologists throughout the region to ensure patients have access to the most innovative and successful treatments available for gastrointestinal cancers. A pioneer of minimally invasive and robotic techniques for complex GI cancers and conditions, he ranks among the highest volume robotic surgeons for esophageal and pancreatic cancer surgery.

Our cancer care specialists include medical and radiation oncologists, gastroenterologists who specialize in endoscopic ultrasound and complex procedures, gastrointestinal oncology surgeons, and interventional radiologists. Other care team members include cancer-certified nurses, therapists, social workers, navigators, researchers, genetic counselors, rehab therapists and others to address physical, emotional and psychosocial needs of our patients.

  • Oncology Nurses – Our nurses’ advanced degrees, Oncology nursing certifications and commitment to their profession have helped Sarasota Memorial earn Magnet status from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, the nation’s highest honor for nursing excellence.
  • Case Managers – Ensure you have the resources you need upon hospital discharge, including:
    • Arranging home care.
    • Planning rehabilitation or nursing home stays.
    • Facilitating transportation to and from medical appointments.
    • Identifying access to medication and medical equipment.
    • Helping sort through financial and insurance questions.
  • Oncology-certified Social Workers – Provide support for psychosocial concerns related to a cancer diagnosis. Help with identifying strategies for effective coping and adjustment to disease. Help with problem solving and identifying cancer-specific resources. For information, contact Oncology-certified Social Worker Elizabeth Bornstein at 941-917-7293.
  • Psychiatric/Mental Health Services – Provide clinical assessments, counseling, and medication management to help cancer patients with the emotional and mental health needs while in the hospital. An outpatient 24-hour Clinical Assessment Center is also available (941-917-7760) for a free clinical assessment and recommendations for ongoing services.
  • Oncology Nurse Navigator – Helps patients sort through the sometimes confusing and complex process of cancer care. That includes orienting patients and visitors to our facility, answering questions about treatment plans, coordinating lab work or diagnostic tests, and providing ongoing support.
  • Dedicated Oncology Pharmacists – Ensure you get the right medications when you need them.
  • Clinical Educator – Provides individual counseling to patients and family members about different kinds of cancer, as well as ongoing education to help you manage symptoms and side effects.
  • Genetic Education and Counseling – Our Board-certified Genetic Cancer Counselor is trained and experienced in cancer risk assessment and available to review your personal or family history of cancer. For information or an appointment, call 941-917-2005.
  • Cancer Research Nurses – Help patients access to the latest clinical treatment trials available in their own communities.
  • Certified Tumor Registrars – Tumor Registrars take a summary of your medical history, cancer diagnosis, treatment plan and disease status for the Cancer Registry, which follows every patient treated at Sarasota Memorial throughout his/her lifetime in order to discover trends that will advance research. For information, please contact our Cancer Registry manager Nikki Seco at 941-917-1101 or by email at
  • Cancer Information Specialists – Assist patients in finding credible research on the Internet, and exploring the wealth of information in our books, videos, audiotapes and medical journals. Call the Cancer Information Office at 941-917-1981.
  • Supportive Care Specialists – Provide guidance and support during all stages of illness, including pain management, complex treatment decisions and accessing resources for family members during illness, and if necessary, bereavement.
  • Non-denominational Chaplains – Support patients and families seeking spiritual comfort. An on-call chaplain is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 941-917-1304, Monday through Friday, or page 941-917-4444, ext. 1717 for urgent requests, evenings and weekends.

Physician Referral

To make an appointment, seek more information, or request a physician referral, call 941-917-7777 or browse our online directory to search for one of our cancer care specialists by name or specialty.