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Employee Activation Status

Information and advisories about the hospital’s and outpatient sites’ status during an emergency will be posted here as necessary.

Current Activation Status:
Level 3


What Do Activation Levels Indicate?


Level 1  – Full-scale Activation 

All primary and support teams under the direction of the Incident Command Center, which will notify staff.

Level 2 – Partial Activation 

This is a limited activation under the direction of the Incident Command Center, which will notify appropriate staff.

Level 3 – Monitoring Activation (Normal) 

This level is typically a monitoring phase; notification will be made to appropriate staff as needed.

Emergency Management and Disaster Response

Our Emergency Management Program, overseen by Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s emergency management committee, details what employees need to do before, during, and after a natural or manmade disaster. Comprising SMH clinical and non-clinical leaders and staff, the committee meets monthly throughout the year to thoughtfully develop these emergency plans. 

Hospital’s Role in an Emergency

First and foremost, Sarasota Memorial Hospital is an acute-care facility providing healthcare for patients. Because of this important role, the hospital’s resources are committed to those who need them most, and the hospital is not equipped to act as a community shelter during a disaster. If shelter is needed, please contact the Sarasota County Call Center at 941-861-5000. All employees are encouraged to review other important disaster preparedness information and documents that are available on the employee Intranet (PULSE/Emergency Management) and to discuss with supervisors what your role and responsibilities would be in the event of an emergency.   

(Physician-related hurricane information can be found in the Physicians section of