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The Return of the Crane!
09.16.2014 [Campus Improvements]

crane-smallIt’s been awhile since Sarasota Memorial has had a construction crane on site.  For the next four to five weeks, the crane in the photo will be used to remove and replace roofing and air conditioning systems for a renovation project taking place on the second floor of the hospital.

Sarasota Memorial physician on ‘Suncoast View’
09.15.2014 | SMH Extra

Sarasota Memorial’s own Emergency Medicine Physician Joel Gerber, MD, recently was tapped to be a regular medical expert on ABC 7’s new talk show “Suncoast View,” which airs weekdays at 4 p.m. His first appearance will be Thursday, Sept. 18 and feature a discussion on common medical myths. Dr. Gerber is shown, center, with the co-hosts of the new show (from […]

Unwanted Advice
09.12.2014 | New Moms & Dads

I’m not sure if any of you know what it means to have an Italian mother in law, but let’s just say I got a LOT of unwanted advice that first year. I loved her dearly, but didn’t know how to get her to stop dispensing her continuous stream of advice. It seemed no matter […]

It’s a wrap
09.08.2014 | Wellness

This lettuce wrap fits the bill for a healthy, nutritious meal that also has a satisfying crunch. Just mix sliced grilled chicken breast with red cabbage, julienned carrots, bean sprouts and green onions. Wrap all of the ingredients in butter lettuce and you have a perfect hot-weather dish. Want the extra flavor of a dipping sauce? Look for soy […]

SMHCS offers innovative treatment for severe asthma
09.03.2014 | SMH Extra

Sarasota Memorial doctors have a new weapon in the battle against severe asthma – a procedure called bronchial thermoplasty, the first non-drug therapy approved by the Food and Drug Administration for patients with severe asthma. “It’s not a cure, but for some, it can be life changing,” said Joseph Seaman, MD, a Critical Care Pulmonologist […]

Soothing Sounds for Sleep
09.03.2014 | New Moms & Dads

Ok I’ll be honest. In order to get my newborn daughter to sleep 24 years ago, I would put her in a bouncer seat, put the seat on the dryer (safely strapped in of course with me seated right next to her!), and let it run through one or two cycles.  She loved the warmth, […]

New clinic in Venice helps patients manage anticoagulation medications
08.29.2014 | SMH Extra

Community members in Venice and surrounding areas who are taking anticoagulants have a new resource to help them manage their medications: Sarasota Memorial has opened an outpatient anticoagulation clinic on N. US 41 Bypass in Venice to help residents safely manage their therapy and decrease their risk of developing dangerous bleeding or blood clots. Doctors typically prescribe […]

School Bus Safety
08.22.2014 | New Moms & Dads

Back to school this year was especially exciting for my youngest, because he is now a bus rider. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, school buses are the safest vehicles on the roads, but there are still some risks involved. The greatest danger for bus riders is while getting on and/or off the […]

Happy 20th Birthday, First Physicians!
08.18.2014 | SMH Extra

Twenty years ago, a handful of physicians teamed up with Sarasota Memorial to combine their resources and strengthen the primary care network in the community. Over the past two decades, First Physicians Group has touched literally millions of lives – more than 4.5 million patient visits – and has grown to a network of 21 […]

Skin to Skin – It’s what’s in!
08.15.2014 | New Moms & Dads

A newborns natural habitat is lying on the mothers (or fathers) chest, skin to skin immediately after being born and in the hours, days and weeks after. Skin to skin, means just that, baby’s bare skin against mother’s bare skin. No blankets or clothing interfering. The mother’s body will keep baby plenty warm while the […]