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Give Your Kids a Jumpstart on Literacy

Give Your Kids a Jumpstart on Literacy

It's never too early to start reading to your baby. Many mothers will read to baby while he is still in her belly. When I had my first baby, a teacher friend of mine told me that reading to your child can promote a love of learning and was the best thing we could do to encourage a future good student. So I surrounded my children with books, and frequently took them to the library for story time. (They are all doing well in school so far, so maybe she was right!)


Read! Read! Read!

Younger than 6 months:
Read anything to baby—a news article or baby book, it’s all about the time you spend together.

6 - 12 months: Eating the books. Babies put everything into their mouths, so choose books that can survive the drool and teething torture. Board books are tasty and generally gauged to this age range's interests and attention spans.

1 - 2 years: These babies are relating the pictures in their books to real life experiences. Point to things and ask questions as you’re reading together, and in no time at all, your child will be answering your questions.

2 - 3 years: Toddlers thrive on routine and often want to read the same story over and over (and over and over) again. This is one habit they won’t need to break. Before long, they'll likely be "reading" their favorite books to you! Ask questions like "what do you think will happen next" to jumpstart their reading comprehension abilities.  

Posted: Mar 10, 2017,
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Author: Muss