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ResearchersResearch Development Program

The Research Development Program is an essential component of the Sarasota Memorial Research Institute (SMRI), responsible for promoting and supporting independent projects at Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. The primary goal of the Research Development Program is to support Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System’s mission by helping clinicians through innovation, implementation, and dissemination of cutting-edge research and latest evidence-based practices.

Independent projects, written and developed by SMHCS clinicians or students, and generally fall into one of three types: Evidence-Based Practices (EBP), Quality Improvement (QI) or Research. EBP is the process used to review, analyze, and translate the latest scientific evidence into clinical practice. QI is used to fix or build a new process, usually organization specific, using evidence from literature. EBP and QI are led by a researcher call a “Project Lead”. Research is used to generate new evidence using the scientific method, which involves testing a hypothesis, observing, and analyzing results. These results will be used to establish a knowledge base. Research studies are led by a researcher called a “Principal Investigator (PI)”. Researchers are referred to as Project Leads or Principal Investigators (PI) depending on the type of Independent Project. Researchers (Project Leads and PI’s) are supported by Independent Project Facilitators. Independent Project Facilitators are members of the organization preapproved by the HRPP and are responsible for oversight of the Project Leader and team members throughout the entirety of the project including dissemination. The Research Development Program supports Researchers through project requirements including project assessment, feasibility, coordination, documentation, secure data storage, IRB and RRFC submissions, regulatory compliance, human subject protection, safety, research integrity, quality assurance and dissemination.

Considering SMH to conduct research?

Research/QI Project Proposal Form

Sarasota Memorial Research Institute has valuable resources to make any project a success. The following are services that we provide:

  • Project Coordination- SMRI provides project direction throughout all stages from development to dissemination. The Research Development Program helps with project feasibility and to make sure it aligns with strategic organizational goals. SMRI will assign a Project Facilitator to provide support for researchers throughout the project’s entirety.

  • Statistical Analysis- Consultation is available to Researchers on project design, sampling, methodology and statistical research approaches. Statistical support is often needed during project and protocol development, data analysis, implementation, and dissemination write-ups of project findings.

  • Medical Writing- Consultation is available with conducting literature reviews to identify latest advancements for evidence-based practice and identify gaps in existing scientific knowledge. Expertise is available for literature synthesis and protocol development. Dissemination such as manuscripts, abstracts, posters, and conference presentations are supported and encouraged. Writing, editing, and publication assistance is available to researchers.

  • Grant Writing- Consultation is available for the grant application process to support unfunded or underfunded projects. Depending on project topic, researcher, and timing, grant access may be limited.

All new research and quality improvement proposals must be submitted to the IRB for review and approval prior to implementation. These new proposals must be submitted through (please see instructions below). In addition, all new research and quality improvement proposals must also be submitted to the Research Resource and Feasibility Committee (RRFC) Smartsheet for review and approval for implementation.

For Information on the IRBNet submission processπŸ”— View this Document

There are different requirements for submission of new projects depending on the type of project. Please click on the checklist below that matches the type of project to be submitted for the submission requirements:

πŸ”— New Research Study Document Checklist

πŸ”— IRBNet Registration and New Project Submission Help

πŸ”— Project Document Checklist

Research Resource and Feasibility Committee (RRFC)

The purpose of the Research Resource and Feasibility Committee (RRFC) is to establish a structure within Sarasota Memorial Health Care System which will review research and quality improvement proposals for feasibility, as well as their impact on the institution. The RRFC reviews all proposals to assess their potential impact on resources of the organization.

For Information on the RRFC submission process: πŸ”— View this Document

πŸ”— SMH HRPP Two-Step Submission Process

πŸ”— RRFC Submission link

For more information on the protection of human subjects participating in research, Institutional Review Boards and Research Resource and Feasibility visit the office of Human Research Protection here.