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Lung Health Outpatient Clinic

If you’re living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or another chronic respiratory disease, the Lung Health Clinic can help you breathe easier and live better. Our mission is to empower lung-disease sufferers and to help them improve their quality of life and avoid unnecessary ER visits or hospital stays.

Lung Health Clinic

Sarasota Memorial Heart Pavilion
1540 S. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34239
Fax: 941-917-4930

Appointments & Referrals

The Lung Health Clinic is open Monday through Friday, by appointment. A physician referral is required. For help with physician referrals, call our HealthLine team at 941-917-7777.

What is the Lung Health Clinic?

An outpatient treatment center established with Sarasota Memorial’s Pulmonary Disease Program, the Lung Health Clinic care team works with each patient’s primary care physician, pulmonologist, dietitian, pharmacist and other medical providers to create customized care plans that address their individual, disease-related risks and complications. 

With this patient-centered, collaborative approach, the clinic’s specialized team provides comprehensive disease intervention and gives patients the information and tools they need to make lasting lifestyle changes. 

Lung Health Clinic Services

The Sarasota Memorial Lung Health Clinic’s outpatient services, which are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans, include:

  • Medications review

  • Disease education

  • Support for coping with the emotional impacts of lung disease

  • Assistance identifying hurdles to recovery or issues that require immediate treatment

  • Resources, therapies and support for making beneficial lifestyle changes (quitting smoking, reducing stress, increasing physical activity, eating better)

  • Monthly support group meetings with an expert presentation and group discussion

Lung Health Clinic Team

The Lung Health Clinic is located in the Sarasota Memorial Heart Pavilion, adjacent to the SMH-Sarasota campus, and is staffed by an advanced practice registered nurse and a respiratory therapist, under the supervision of a board-certified pulmonologist.

Appointments, Information & Referrals

The Lung Health Clinic is open Monday through Friday, by appointment. A physician referral is required. For clinic information and appointments, call 941-917-7070