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Posted: Jun 8, 2021

How To Talk about Hanging Up the Keys

With SMH Geriatric Medicine specialist Alan Grindal, MD

Whether the result of a chronic disease, such as Alzheimer’s, or just the product of normal aging, most of us will have to hang up our car keys eventually. Having a discussion about the eventual decision to stop driving is something that all families should do — just like drafting a will and making other end of life preparations. Here are some tips to help start the conversation.

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Posted: Jun 2, 2021

Spring Mix Salad | Healthy Cooking with Thrive

A Thrive in the Kitchen Recipe by SMH Executive Chef Omar Mattei

In this month's Thrive in the Kitchen episode, our team shows you how to make the tasty and nutrient-packed Spring Mix Salad. High in potassium and Vitamin A, the salad helps fight heart disease, manage blood pressure and boost the immune system. Check out the easy recipe and how-to video with SMH Executive Chef Omar Mattei and Registered Dietitian Laura McLeroy.

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Posted: May 25, 2021

Summer Unmasked? Expert Talks COVID-19 Protocols & Vaccination for Kids

With SMH Infectious Disease specialist Manuel Gordillo, MD

Anyone over age 12 is now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, making it possible for millions more people to get effective protection against the novel coronavirus. We asked Sarasota Memorial epidemiologist and Infectious Disease specialist Manuel Gordillo, MD, for advice to help families with unvaccinated children and at-risk adults navigate this new normal as pandemic protocols ease up and many Americans enjoy a mostly mask-free summer.

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Posted: May 18, 2021

Reach Out & Help Someone

With Behavioral Health Executive Director Terry Cassidy, LICSW

Before COVID-19, 1 in every 5 people were suffering from a mental illness in the U.S. Now, more than a year into the pandemic, that estimate is a disheartening 1 in every 2 people, with the senior population being the hardest hit. In this video blog post, Behavioral Health Services Executive Director Terry Cassidy offers tips for coping with mental health issues amid COVID-19 — whether it's a loved one who's struggling or yourself.

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Posted: May 11, 2021

Important Health Screenings for Women

With Internal Medicine specialist Lindsey Finnegan, MD

The best way for women to stay on top of their health is to be proactive. Don’t wait until a health issue pops up to see your doctor. Keep your health and wellness on track by following these recommended screening schedules from internal medicine and pediatrics specialist Lindsey Finnegan, MD.

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