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Top 10 Healthe-Matters Posts of 2019

Top 10 Healthe-Matters Posts of 2019

As the area's only community hospital, Sarasota Memorial connects you with the essential health and wellness information you need, from the local experts you trust. In 2019, our experts shared their top health and parenting tips, answered dozens of reader questions and reported on the latest medical innovations in our weekly Healthe-Matters blog posts. 

Here's a look back at the most-read posts of 2019:


#1    “Flesh-eating Bacteria — Ask An Expert Q&A

flesh eating bacteria preventionLocal infectious disease expert Manuel Gordillo, MD, talks "flesh-eating bacteria" in our area waters and ways you can reduce your risk of infection.

#2    “School Physical. Wellness Exam. Sports Physical: What’s the Difference?

Schools require school entry physicals and sports physicals. The pediatrician schedules a wellness exam each year for your child. Why all the evaluations? Each one serves a different purpose in keeping your child healthy. Find out how and where to go for each type of exam. 

#3     “Hurricane Season Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnant? Be ready for severe weather with this checklist and tips from an SMH expert.

#4    “Flu Shot Mythbuster: Fact or Fiction

The best way to protect yourself and your family from the flu is by getting the flu shot. This post separates flu-shot fact from fiction.

#5    “LSD Use on the Rise Among Local Teens, ER Trend Shows” 

ER Trauma bay and LSD useA spike in suspected LSD cases at Sarasota Memorial Hospital has care providers concerned. Find out why LSD is dangerous and what signs to look for in this video-blog post.

#6    “Tuning in to the Healing Power of Music

Music is a powerful medium that crosses all boundaries to move us in infinite ways and to connect us, with each other and with ourselves. Find out how therapeutic music and Music Therapy are helping patients and caregivers.

#7    “New Drug Stops Dangerous Bleeding Linked to Blood Thinners

Sarasota Memorial is among a handful of hospitals with the first and only antidote to stop life-threatening or uncontrolled bleeding linked to newer blood thinner medications. Sarasota Memorial Comprehensive Stroke Center Medical Director Mauricio Concha, MD, explains.

#8    “Keep Germs at Bay: Wash the Right Way

Sneezing, coughing colds. Body-aching, feverish flu. Tormenting tummy bugs. These nasty germs are everywhere this time of year. Practicing proper hand hygiene can help keep your family healthy all season. Learn how in this video-blog post.

#9    “Expertise & Robotic Surgery Bring New Hope for Esophageal Cancer

When Ray Miller was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, he and his wife Jill feared the worst. Find out how Sarasota Memorial Gastrointestinal Oncologist Kenneth Meredith, MD, who has performed more robotic esophagectomies than anyone else in the world, changed that.

#10    “Prescribing Canine Cuddles

pet therapy dogsSpending time with animals can be invaluable to your overall health and can support healing in ways that medicine cannot. Learn how animal-assisted therapy benefits recovery, rehabilitation and wellness.

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