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The Best of Healthe-Matters 2020

The Best of Healthe-Matters 2020

Compiled by Healthe-Matters Editors

Since its launch, our Healthe-Matters blog has aimed to deliver timely, actionable health and wellness information, from the local experts our community trusts. In 2020, this mission took on increased importance, as the need for reliable information became critical in our fight against COVID-19.

Today, as we take our annual look back at the year’s top blog posts, we also want to offer our sincere gratitude to SMH’s medical experts and other care providers who contributed to Healthe-Matters during this unprecedented year. Because they so generously shared their knowledge and expert insights, we were able to keep our community informed in a time when there were often more questions than answers. 

We also would like to thank you, our community, for putting your trust in SMH and in Healthe-Matters as your go-to source for local COVID-19 guidance and information.

In 2020, we published dozens of COVID-19 related Q&As, how-to’s and updates, in addition to our usual range of health and wellness topics and tips. These are the year’s Top 10 Healthe-Matters posts:

#10 ~ Pregnancy & Coronavirus: Ask An Expert Q&A

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist Washington Hill, MD, answered reader questions about pregnancy, hospital delivery and COVID-19 in this March 2020 Ask An Expert post.

#9 ~ COVID-19 Vaccines: What You Need to Know

In this December 2020 post, SMH Infectious Disease Specialist Manuel Gordillo, MD, and Chief Medical Officer James Fiorica, MD, addressed some of our community’s most common questions about COVID-19 vaccines, vaccine safety and availability, and what the vaccine rollout means in the global fight against novel coronavirus. 

#8 ~ COVID-19 Today: Q&A with Infectious Disease Expert

Dr. Gordillo and SMH Critical Care Pulmonologist Dr. Kirk Voelker talked COVID-19 risks in the "re-opened economy," proper mask wearing and ICU capacity concerns in this June 2020 video blog post.

#7 ~ COVID-19 Prevention Tips for Teachers

Dr. Gordillo shared practical COVID-19 prevention advice for teachers to help them safely plan their return to the classroom in this July 2020 blog post.

#6 ~ Overcoming Communication Barriers During COVID-19

For those with hearing loss, navigating life during the COVID-19 pandemic can be particularly challenging. This July 2020 post offered tips to help them break down communication barriers while still protecting themselves and others from COVID-19. 

#5 ~ COVID-19: What You Need to Know

Published before our area’s first COVID-19 case was diagnosed, this February 2020 post addressed the then-rising concerns about the novel coronavirus, and Dr. Gordillo weighed in on ways to guard against the then-emerging public health threat. 

#4 ~ COVID-19 Treatment: Ask An Expert Q&A

Sarasota Memorial’s Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Manager Jamie Kisgen, PharmD, answered frequently asked questions and dispelled myths about treatment and medication options for patients with COVID-19 in this August 2020 post. 

#3 ~ The Pandemic Predicament: Coping with the ‘New Normal’

SMH Clinical Counselor Elizabeth Bornstein offered self-care tips and coping strategies to help readers navigate the “new normal” and the emotional and mental weight of this unprecedented time in this April 2020 post.

#2 ~ COVID-19 Care at Home: What You Need to Know

Written for those fighting COVID-19 at home, this DIY guide to COVID care included an overview of what you’ll need, steps you should take, what to expect and tips for caregivers. The July 2020 video blog post also features a Q&A with SMH Critical Care Pulmonologist Joseph Seaman, MD, and First Physicians Group COO Jack Rodman, MD.

And the No. 1, most-read Healthe-Matters post of the year was … 

#1 ~ Mask Wearing 101: How to Use & Re-use a Face Mask

In this April 2020 video blog and tutorial, Sarasota Memorial nurse Jennifer Sorensen, RN, offered a step-by-step mask-wearing how-to, along with some do's and don'ts for face coverings use and re-use.



Thank you, 2020 Healthe-Matters Contributors


Manuel Gordillo, MD, Infectious Disease Specialist

Kirk Voelker, MD, Pulmonologist & Clinical Research Medical Director

Joseph Seaman, MD, Critical Care Pulmonologist

Washington Hill, MD, Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist

Jamie Kisgen, PharmD, Infectious Diseases Pharmacy Manager

Jack Rodman, MD, First Physicians Group COO

Jessie Hoang, MD, Pediatrics Chair

Jeremy Lund, PharmD, MS, Emergency Medicine/Toxicology Clinical Pharmacist

Jennifer Sorensen, MSN, Education Nurse

Jose Tavarez, MD, First Physicians Group Pediatrician

Deirdra Myers, MD, First Physicians Group Pediatrician

Elizabeth Bornstein, MSSA, LCSW, Clinical Counselor

Brian Schofield, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

Justin Lee, MD, Interventional Radiologist

Jill Hazzard, LMHC, Behavioral Health Services Manager

Susan Williams, MSN, Injury Prevention Coordinator

Shayna Shefrin, PT, Outpatient Rehab Pelvic Floor Therapist

Crystal Brooks, LCSW, Rehab Clinical Social Worker

Ashleigh Beachy, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacist

April Slone, RN, Cardiovascular Program Coordinator

Kristie Menke, MSN, Cardiovascular Nurse


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Author: Ann Key