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Is Hiring a Personal Trainer Worth It?

Is Hiring a Personal Trainer Worth It?

By HealthFit Manager Kayla Frimmel

Exercise can be great medicine, but for those who are new to it or have taken an extended break, working with a personal trainer might be just the thing you need to develop a safe, effective routine that not only optimizes strength and weight, but also boosts your daily functional abilities.

Typically degreed in in exercise science and certified by a nationally accredited organization, a good personal trainer can serve many roles: coach, confidant, role model, educator, motivator, cheerleader ... These fitness professionals can develop a customized exercise program that increases fitness, helps you reach weight-loss goals, and makes daily living easier by improving your functional capabilities. 

It often takes only a few sessions with a personal trainer for even the most novice gym-goer to feel comfortable—and confident—with independent exercise. One bonus to starting, or re-starting, your exercise routine with a trainer’s assistance is that their guidance ensures you’re doing the right exercises, the right way, so you’ll be less likely to injure yourself and can save time by focusing on the exercises you need to meet your goals.

Is it Right for Me?

If you’re considering working with a personal trainer, but are still unsure as to whether the benefits justify the potential expense (some gyms offer free sessions for new members), here are some reasons why working with a personal trainer might be right for you. 

1. Identifying areas for improvement: Through assessment, a personal trainer can help you identify areas that may be of concern that you didn’t even recognize. Many of us have muscle imbalances that affect us daily, but we don’t not realize it until we have pain or an injury. A personal trainer can then help you improve strength, flexibility, endurance, and posture in order to get ahead of these problems. 

2. Achieve a healthy body weight: More than half of American adults say they would like to lose weight; however, only about 25 percent are actively doing anything to make the scale move. Using a personal trainer would be a step in the right direction for those individuals. A trainer can help you develop strategies and set realistic goals for weight loss and maintenance that can be progressed over time. 

3. Time effectiveness: A lack of time is one of the most sited reasons for not exercising. But if it’s efficient, a good workout does not take hours to get through. A good trainer can give you a program that maximizes the time you realistically have available. 

4. Accountability: Knowing that you have a scheduled appointment motivates people to show up. Inherently, making that appointment with your trainer forces you to figure when you can—and will—fit exercise into your schedule. Plus, knowing that your trainer will ask about what you’ve been doing on your days apart might motivate you to do some work outside of the sessions. 

5. Safety: It’s a fact: Exercising can lead to injury. Many have pre-existing injuries or health conditions, or simply don’t know how to do an exercise properly. Even world-class athletes will have fitness professionals spot them or check their form to ensure they don’t hurt themselves. If you have medical concerns, your best bet if working with personal trainers at a medically integrated fitness center like Sarasota Memorial’s HealthFit. The certified HealthFit trainers are experienced in working with de-conditioned and rehabbing clients, and they know how to accommodate many physical and medical conditions.   

HealthFit Manager of Ambulatory Operations Kayla Frimmel is an American College of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer. With a master of science degree in kinesiology, she specializes in helping those struggling with obesity, developing employee wellness programs, and mental conditioning for athletes.  

Posted: Apr 2, 2018,
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