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DIY Exercises to Stop a Leaky Bladder

With SMH Outpatient Rehab Pelvic Floor Therapist Shayna Shefrin

Tired of a leaky bladder keeping you from enjoying life to its fullest? Worried what may happen when you cough, sneeze or have a good laugh?

Kegel exercises are not the cure-all. Having a pelvic floor physical therapist guide you through the exercises will help you to accurately use train your pelvic floor muscles.

Try these tips from SMH Outpatient Rehab Pelvic Floor Therapist Shayna Shefrin and take control over your leaky bladder issues.

If you'd like to find out more about pelvic floor therapy, please reach out to Sarasota Memorial’s Outpatient Rehabilitation team at 941-724-2620.

Physical Therapist Shayna Shefrin joined SMH’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Center in 2016, after a decade of teaching yoga and practicing massage. With a doctorate in Physical Therapy, she now specializes in treating patients who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction.

Posted: Jul 31, 2018,
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