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5 Ways to Baby-proof the Potty

5 Ways to Baby-proof the Potty

The bathroom is often considered the most dangerous room in a house. When you have very young children, it's important to identify the potential dangers around the home and to “baby proof” to keep the kiddos safe. The easiest way to prevent accidents in the bathroom is to keep children from getting into the it without an adult. For added security, try these additional child-proofing measures.

Bathroom Safety for Babies and Toddlers


Prevent accidental lock-ins: Make sure all locking doors can easily be unlocked from the outside, so children can’t lock themselves in.

Supervise bath time at all times: A child can drown in inches of water in the blink of an eye. Don’t ever walk away from children in the bath. Don’t trust bath seats or rings to keep baby safe. These are bath aids; they are not meant to prevent drowning. If you must answer the phone or doorbell, or the screams of another child, wrap baby in a towel and take them with you. Drain the tub water as soon as bath time is over; never leave water in the tub.

Prevent slip-and-fall injuries and accidents: Place non-slip strips and mats in the tub. Place cushioned covers over facets and knobs. Keep the toilet seat closed and use lid locks to prevent toddlers from playing in the water and falling in.

Prevent electrical injuries: Keep electrical appliances unplugged and stored in a locked cabinet. Have an electrician install circuit interrupter outlets, especially for bathrooms.

Lock up medications and toiletries: Place all medications, makeup, cleaners, toothpaste and other potential poisons in a high cabinet if possible and place a lock on it.

Prevent burns: Adjust your home's hot-water heater to a maximum temperature of 120 degrees to prevent scalding from the faucets. Test bath water with your hand or wrist before placing child into it. Teach your children to turn on the cold water first then add the hot water.

Posted: Mar 9, 2016,
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