Top Projects – Courtyard Tower


Years of planning and construction will come to fruition in 2013, with the opening of Sarasota Memorial’s much-anticipated new Courtyard Tower. The cornerstone of a $250 million transformation now under way at the public hospital’s main campus, the nine-story patient tower will replace the oldest wings of the hospital, adding more private rooms, a beautiful courtyard and state-of-the art facilities for patients, physicians and staff. The new building will replace about 220 beds in 1950s- and 1960s-era areas of the main campus and allow the hospital to provide advanced equipment, technology and patient amenities that our older facilities can’t support.

It has been designed with a keen eye on comfort and safety, creating an aesthetically pleasing, healing environment for patients, physicians and staff. Improved clinical features include: laptop stations built into every room, so that doctors and nurses can enter their progress notes and prescribe tests and treatments electronically without leaving their patients’ bedsides; medical equipment and monitors suspended from the ceiling, leaving floor space and foot traffic clear; newborn beds equipped with special tools to resuscitate babies in emergency situations, so clinicians don’t have to waste precious seconds wheeling in rescue carts and equipment – to name just a few.

The project – the largest at the hospital in half a century – has been responsible for more than 500 construction jobs, giving a boost to the local economy. The ground floor of the new tower is now open and the rest of the building will open in phases starting in the fall of 2013.

Take a few moments to watch this video about the Courtyard Tower project.  It’s an update of last year’s Gulf Coast Business Review’s Top 30 construction projects.

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