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SMH Baby

SMH Baby has been updated with a new look and features!
New moms-to-be have nine exciting months before their due dates, so we think offering a helpful resource during their pregnancy is an ideal way to connect with them. We've added a breastfeeding timer and a milk output log. SMH Baby is a free app, our own baby, conceived with today’s digitally savvy, expectant mothers in mind:

  • Download the SMH Baby app on her phone.
  • Enter her due date.
  • See “Milestones” appear as different fruits (representing the size of baby growing inside), along with reminders: when to select a pediatrician and when to schedule your SMH OB facility tour.
  • See Resources like:
    • My Journal. Mom can make entries throughout her pregnancy and even upload photos.
    • Pregnancy Tools. We offer a Kick Counter, Weight Tracker, Hospital Packing List, and Contraction Timer.
    • SMH Links. She can connect to our Sarasota Memorial helpful links, including Childbirth Education Classes, New Moms & Dads Blog, SMH Maternity Services, Parenting News, and local resources.
    • Appointments. An entry log for doctor appointments.


With 3,000 babies born at Sarasota Memorial each year, and for the first time, more people using mobile devices than fixed internet devices (desktop or laptop), SMH Baby’s arrival is perfectly timed.

SMH Baby QR CodeIf you would like to search for the app through a browser, please use the keywords "SMH Baby". Otherwise, you can simply scan the QR Code with your device, and it will take you to the app store. If you don't have a QR code reader on your device, please follow this link for iPhone Scan Apps or Android Scan Apps.

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