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Sarasota Memorial’s surgical team performs thousands of operations and procedures every year using state-of-the-art technology, the latest treatments and an experienced team of surgeons. Our cardiac surgery services include:

Hybrid operating suite – Our special surgical suite is equipped with a cardiac catheterization lab, allowing Interventional Cardiologists and Cardiac and Vascular Surgeons to perform advanced therapies that combine catheter-based, conventional, and less invasive surgical procedures. With all the latest technologies integrated in one room, patients don’t have to undergo multiple procedures on different days, or be moved to separate procedure rooms to complete their care.

Robotic and minimally invasive surgery – Robotic, endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical tools and techniques allow our Cardiothoracic, Cardiovascular and Vascular Surgeons to perform a wide range of procedures through keyhole-size incisions that require only a stitch or two. This ultra-precise technology results in less pain and blood loss, a significantly lower risk of surgical infection, and a faster recovery time compared to traditional cardiac procedures.

An established team of Cardiologists and Cardiovascular and Cardiothoracic surgeons – For more than 30 years, our heart specialists have evaluated and treated irregular heartbeats, heart attack, heart failure, heart surgery, valve disorders and other cardiovascular and thoracic disorders. Our superior patient outcomes and quality rankings consistently place Sarasota Memorial among America’s best hospitals.

Jeffery Sell, MDChief of Cardiac Surgery
Jeffrey Sell, MD, has served as Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery since 2012. With more than three decades of experience in cardiac surgery, research and analysis, and minimally invasive procedures, Dr. Sell performs a full range of cardiovascular and thoracic treatments and procedures. One of his unique specialties is treating adults with congenital heart conditions. In addition to treating adults, Dr. Sell is an experienced pediatric and transplant surgeon. He spent years repairing complex heart defects in children and performing adult and pediatric heart transplants. Dr. Sell earned Bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and Physics from Yale University and a Medical degree from the Harvard-MIT Joint Program in Health, Science and Technology. 

For more information about our cardiac surgery services, please call 941-917-8720.