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When should I register for classes? We suggest that you register during your 2nd trimester. It's best to choose classes that finish approximately 4 weeks in advance of your due date.

Why would I need to take a breastfeeding class...don't babies know what to do? Breastfeeding is an art that both mothers and babies have to learn. Having the knowledge base about breastfeeding helps facilitate this both for the mother and for her partner (so they can support the mother). Taking the breastfeeding class during pregnancy also increases confidence which can aid the mother with her breastfeeding endeavors.

Do private insurance companies cover the cost of classes? Please check with your insurance company. However, you will still need to pay for class(es) and submit to your company for reimbursement.

Does Medicaid cover the cost of classes? No

What is Healthy Start? Healthy Start for pregnant women is a local system of support. It begins with a questionnaire that every pregnant woman in Florida is offered at her first prenatal visit. Answers on the questionnaire are confidential. Healthy Start is available if you need help to get care and free services for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

If you are eligible for Healthy Start, their staff will talk to you about how they can help you and your baby. Your Care Coordinator will share information about resources and make referrals to help you with any special issues.

Healthy Start is NOT a government program, a welfare or poverty program, an investigative program or a program for sick people.

To contact the Healthy Start Program of Sarasota County, Inc. please call 941-861-2905 or go to

If I am not paying by credit card online, how do I register? You can call our Childbirth Education Office at 941-917-1700. It will save you time if, prior to calling us, you complete the account information online and look over the available classes listed online. This will shorten the time you would need to be on the phone with us.

What is the refund policy for classes I have paid for? As long as you notify us at least 1 week before a class starts, we can give you a full refund. To request a refund, you need to call our Childbirth Education office at 941-917-1700.

Do I need to register for the OB Tour? Yes. We have a limit on how many people can take the OB Tour so you do need to register for the class even though it is free.

Can siblings attend the OB Tour?  Due to our infection control policy, no children under the age of 13 are permitted on the patient units for this Tour.

If I wish to speak with someone regarding the OB Tours or classes, whom should I call? Call our Childbirth Education Office at 941-917-1700.

What do I need to bring to classes? You are not required to bring anything to class except for the Prepared Childbirth class. For this class you need to bring 2 pillows and a blanket.

If you wish to bring any snacks or drinks for yourself to have during the classes, you are very welcome to do so. There are also vending machines near the classrooms in the Waldemere Medical Plaza as well as in the hospital.

Where are classes held? Classes are held on the second floor of the Waldemere Medical Plaza (1921 Waldemere St) which is located across Waldemere St from the hospital.

Who teaches the classes? Our classes are taught by Certified Childbirth Educators, Certified Lactation Counselors.