SMH Announces Cancer Institute's Inaugural Community Physician Team

SMH Announces Cancer Institute's Inaugural Community Physician Team

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

SARASOTA, Fla. — Sarasota Memorial Health Care System is pleased to announce the Brian D. Jellison Cancer Institute's inaugural team of community physicians.
Medical Oncologist Richard Brown, MD, who serves as the medical director of the Jellison Cancer Institute at Sarasota Memorial, oversees the expert and diverse team of more than 70 community physicians, including surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and other specialists.
Organized by specialty teams, the Cancer Institute physicians are focused on the most common tumor sites, including breast, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, lung, gynecologic and neurologic cancers, with additional tumor sites planned in the near future. Each team is multidisciplinary, with physicians working alongside specialized oncology nurses, patient navigators, counselors, and other cancer care professionals. Together, they evaluate and integrate best practices, monitor adherence to national clinical pathways, and incorporate emerging technologies with the goal of advancing cancer care delivery.
"By bringing these physician teams together, we can implement a more collaborative approach to cancer care, while ensuring access to advanced and personalized treatments for our patients," said Dr. Brown.
Cancer Institute team members commit to a higher level of care by participating in multidisciplinary cancer conferences, called tumor boards, where they collectively and prospectively review cancer cases to ensure patients receive the optimal treatment and highly individualized care. The physicians also are significantly involved in clinical research, oncology education, community service, medical staff leadership and other Cancer Institute activities.
“We are leveraging the significant clinical expertise in our community and uniting them to provide the most comprehensive care. This will be ongoing, and we expect the membership to continue to evolve and expand based on our patients’ needs,” said Dr. Brown.

Jellison Cancer Institute Physician Team

Listed alphabetically by specialty, the inaugural Brian D. Jellison Cancer Institute physician team members include:


Pedro Briceno, MD
Robert Carey, MD, PhD, FACS
Surgical Subspecialty: Urology
Orlando Cicilioni, MD, FACS
Surgical Subspecialty: Plastics & Reconstruction
James Fiorica, MD
Chief Medical Officer; Medical Director, Women’s Cancer Research Program
Surgical Subspecialty: Gynecologic Oncology
Steven Halbreich MD, FACS
Daniel Kaplon, MD, FACS
Surgical Subspecialty: Urology
Toni Kilts, DO
Surgical Subspecialty: Gynecologic Oncology
Sarah Kimball, MD, FACS
Surgical Subspecialty: Breast Surgical Oncology
Robert Knego, MD
Surgical Subspecialty: Neurosurgery
Kenneth Leong, MD
Surgical Subspecialty: Plastics & Reconstruction
Beverly Long, MD
Surgical Subspecialty: Gynecologic Oncology
Mark Mathieson, MD
Surgical Subspecialty: Plastics & Reconstruction
Peter Mayer, MD
Surgical Subspecialty: Neurosurgery
Kenneth Meredith, MD
Gastroenterology Cancer Specialty Program Medical Director
Surgical Subspecialty: Surgical Oncology
Joseph Mets, MD
John Nora, MD, FACS
Russell Novak, MD, FACS
Breast Program Director
Matthew Perry, MD
Surgical Subspecialty: Urology
Alissa Shulman, MD, FACS
Surgical Subspecialty: Plastics & Reconstruction
Scott Stevens, MD
Eric Suescun, MD, FACS
Paul Vesco, MD, FACS
Surgical Subspecialty: Thoracic Surgery
Kenneth Vives, MD
Surgical Subspecialty: Neurosurgery



Richard Brown, MD, MBA
Medical Director, Brian D. Jellison Cancer Institute
Richard Buck, MD
Luis Chu, MD
Janice Eakle, MD
Elizabeth Guancial, MD
Amir Harandi, MD
Penny Heinrich, MD
Fadi Kayali, MD
Kevin Koehler, MD
Scott Lunin, MD
Ke Ning, MD
Oncology Hospitalists
AJ Patel, MD
Manish Patel, MD
Oncology Clinical Research
Miguel Pelayo, MD
Caryn Silver, MD
Madhavi Venigalla, MD
Oncology Hospitalists
Judy Wang, MD
Oncology Clinical Research



Tyler Hollen, MD
Alan Porter MD, FACR
Kunal Saigal, MD
Larry Silverman, MD



Stephen Kucera, MD
Scott Corbett, MD, FASGE
Charles Loewe, MD, PA
Nihar Shah, MD



Joseph Seaman, MD, MBA
Subspecialty: Interventional Pulmonology



Matthew Chin, MD, MS
Subspecialty: Orthopedic Oncology



Joshua Gross, MD
Joelle Vlahakis, MD



Adrienne Hery, MD
Mariana Moreno, MD
Jason Tedesco, MD
Christina Warner, MD
Jeffrey Zacks, MD



Sara Floyd, MD
Subpecialty: Breast Radiology
Sandeep Garg, MD
Subspecialty: Interventional Radiology
Jasmin Harvey, MD
Ryan Harvey, MD
Eduardo Lacayo, MD
Subspecialty: Interventional Radiology
Justin Lee, MD
Subspecialty: Interventional Radiology
Richard Lichtenstein, MD
Steven Merandi, MD
Scott Perrin, MD
Subspecialty: Interventional Radiology
Clinton Wrigley, MD
Subspecialty: Interventional Radiology


About Sarasota Memorial’s Brian D. Jellison Cancer Institute
The Brian D. Jellison Cancer Institute is committed to providing our community and visitors with convenient access to comprehensive, coordinated and collaborative cancer care. Services cover the entire continuum of oncology care — from prevention, screening and diagnosis to treatment, clinical trials, and lifetime follow-up, survivorship care and support. To bring its vision of world-class cancer care close to home, the Sarasota County Public Hospital Board has invested more than $250 million in the developing Cancer Institute, the cornerstone of which is an 8-story oncology tower (opening in Fall 2021) on the hospital main campus. Along with our new Radiation Oncology Center off University Parkway, the tower is part of the institute’s expanding center of excellence. For more information about our cancer care services, visit