SMH Offers Minimally Invasive Option to Relieve Painful Spinal Stenosis

SMH Offers Minimally Invasive Option to Relieve Painful Spinal Stenosis

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Sarasota Memorial Pain Care Specialist Dr. Eugene Pereira, MD, is the first physician on the Suncoast offering the new FDA-approved Superion implant for people with painful spinal stenosis in the their lower back. An alternative to spinal decompression surgery, Vertiflex’s Superion fills an important gap between conservative, non-surgical treatments and traditional surgery.

The device has been approved as a pain care alternative for people suffering from low to moderate Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS), a degenerative condition of the lumbar spine in which the soft tissue or “discs” between the vertebrae (bones that make up the spine) become worn down. This causes the spinal canal to narrow, which can put pressure on the nerves in the lower back. This pressure can lead to radiating leg, buttock, and/or groin pain. People with LSS typically cannot walk farther than 50 feet without feeling this pain and find relief when sitting down or leaning forward.

The Superion device is a small titanium spacer inserted between compressed vertebrae through a small incision in the lower back. It works like a wedge to extend the spine and relieve the painful pinching of nerves in the spinal canal. Validated by five years of clinical research, the Superion is a safe, effective and reversible treatment that can be performed during a 30-minute outpatient procedure. 

For information, call Sarasota Memorial’s Pain Care Center at (941) 917-4500. Click the link in the "More Links" box below to watch a video about the procedure and to hear from the first SMH patient who received the implant.


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