Event date: 10/15/2018 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Export event

Men to Men Prostate Cancer Support Group

HealthConnection Suite

Location: HealthConnection is located on the first floor of the hospital, near the B elevators and across from the Gift Shop.

Registration Requested:  917-7011 OR email: HealthConnection@smh.com

Additional Information: David Morse  (941) 356-0754 or dgmaei1@hotmail.com   with “Men-to-Men” in the subject line.

Men to Men Prostate Cancer Support Group

 Information: Treatment Options ** Latest Research ** Newsletters

 Education: Expert Speakers ** Film/Video/Audio ** Literature

 Support: Experience of Others ** Referrals

 Monthly Meetings are Open to Everyone

2018 Meeting Dates:                      2019 Meeting Dates:

 October 15th                                                           January 21st                             May 20th

 November 19th                                                     February 18th                                       June 17th

 December 17th                                                      March 18th                                              July 15th

                                                          April 15th                                                   August 19th

Topics Include:

Immunotherapy                                 Recurrence                         Incontinence

Treatment Options                            Diagnosis Options              Side Effects

Erectile Dysfunction                           Implants                              Acupuncture

Doctor/Patient Communication         Drugs & Interactions