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Baby Care Basics
This two-hour course focuses on teaching first-time parents all about newborn care. Increase your confidence and abilities with instruction on bathing and diapering, cord care, feeding basics, safe sleep, calming a crying baby and more. Your instructor will also share information on infant growth and development, baby communication skills, sleep cycles, and safety measures.

Big Brother/Big Sister (3-10 year olds)
For children who are "expecting" a new brother/sister. The children are involved in many activities including a special tour of the maternity unit. Parents are requested to stay with the children for the class. *Note: children should be at least 3 years old, but older children can attend with younger siblings. One class session.

Breastfeeding Basics
This class is for expectant parents focusing on breastfeeding basics, the benefits for mothers and babies, getting started breastfeeding, effective positioning and latch techniques, baby-led feeding, maintaining a milk supply and other practical considerations. Support persons are encouraged to attend with mothers. 

Breastfeeding Support and Latch Clinic
This free weekly clinic provides a 'hands on' approach with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). You may weigh your baby, see how much milk the baby transfers while breastfeeding, get assistance with latch, ask questions about breastfeeding or simply visit with other breastfeeding mothers.  No registration is needed. Fee: Free When: Every Tuesday, 2 pm - 3:30 pm at the Waldemere Medical Plaza (see map).

Daddy 101
This workshop is for dads by dads. Our returning dads come back with their babies to share their experience from the last stages of pregnancy through the big day and the first few months. Topics include responsible fatherhood, mom's changes, making time, newborn care, safety, your concerns, finances, parents and in-laws, and community resources. "This is my third son, and I still went away with great information." - Participant, Daddy 101. Fee: Free.

Infant CPR
This course should be considered a must for all parents, grandparents and babysitters. Infant CPR Anytime is for new parents, grandparents, family members and anyone who wants to learn lifesaving infant CPR and choking skills. It is not for certification purposes. Skills are taught in a dynamic group environment by using the AHA's research-proven practice-while-watching technique, which provides students with the most hands-on CPR practice time possible.

Mother-Baby Group
Please join us as we share the celebrations and challenges of being a new or veteran mom. Listen to stories, learn new tips and get reassurance that you really are doing the best for your baby! No registration is needed. Fee: Free When: Every Wednesday, 11 am - Noon (3 weeks - crawling) or 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm (crawling - 1 year) at the Waldemere Medical Plaza (see map). 

OB Tour
An opportunity for you to see, first-hand, our Labor & Delivery and Mother-Baby Units. Registration is required and limited to two people per registration. Due to our infection control policy, no children under the age of 13 are permitted on the patient units for this Tour.
Fee: Free. NOTE: This same tour is included in all Prepared Childbirth classes.

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga is suitable for pregnant women of all levels, from novice to expert, and in any trimester.The class focuses on a gentle flow of movement to increase your overall strength and flexibility with modifications to accommodate the various trimesters of pregnancy and assist in preparing for and providing relief during labor and birth.  No Registration Required. Every Tuesday Evening 7:00 - 8:15pm. Just bring a yoga mat, blanket & pillow and we'll see you there. Fee: Free (See Map)

Prepared Childbirth
This eight-hour course is designed to help you and your partner prepare for your birth experience. Topics include development of a birthing plan, how to know when you are in labor, comfort techniques, labor positioning, stages of labor, labor variations, delivery of your baby, pain relief options, and care of mother after delivery. Plan to finish at least 4 weeks in advance of your due date. The series also includes an OB Tour.