Building SMH-Venice, a Bird's Eye View

Monday, May 25, 2020

Check out this bird's eye view of the construction progress on Sarasota Memorial Hospital-Venice! We'll be posting new aerial footage here each month of the transformation from dirt lot to leading-edge community hospital, so you can follow along as we build a better healthcare future for South Sarasota County, from the ground up.

SMH-Venice, May 2020


SMH-Venice, April 2020


SMH-Venice, March 2020


SMH-Venice, February 2020


SMH-Venice, January 2020


SMH-Venice, December 2019


SMH-Venice, November 2019


SMH-Venice, October 2019


SMH-Venice, September 2019


SMH-Venice, August 2019


SMH-Venice, July 2019


SMH-Venice, June 2019


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