Building SMH-Venice, a Bird's Eye View

Monday, October 18, 2021

Check out this bird's eye view of the construction progress on Sarasota Memorial Hospital-Venice! We post new aerial footage here each month, so you can follow along as we build a better healthcare future for South Sarasota County, from the ground up.

SMH-Venice will open in November 2021 with 110 private rooms, a 28-room Emergency Care Center and 8 surgical suites. It will offer a full array of medical and surgical care, including Cardiology Unit/Catheterization Lab; Critical Care/Intensive Care Unit; Emergency Care; Endoscopy and other procedural areas; Gastroenterology; Labor & Delivery/Post-Partum Unit; Laboratory/Diagnostic Testing; Nephrology; Neurology/Neurosurgery; Oncology; Orthopedics; Pulmonology; Imaging/Radiology; and Urology. 


SMH-Venice, October 2021


SMH-Venice, September 2021


SMH-Venice, July 2021


SMH-Venice, June 2021


SMH-Venice, May 2021


SMH-Venice, April 2021


SMH-Venice, March 2021


SMH-Venice, February 2021


SMH-Venice, January 2021


SMH-Venice, December 2020


SMH-Venice, November 2020


SMH-Venice, October 2020


SMH-Venice, September 2020


SMH-Venice, August 2020


SMH-Venice, July 2020


SMH-Venice, June 2020


SMH-Venice, May 2020


SMH-Venice, April 2020


SMH-Venice, March 2020


SMH-Venice, February 2020


SMH-Venice, January 2020


SMH-Venice, December 2019


SMH-Venice, November 2019


SMH-Venice, October 2019


SMH-Venice, September 2019


SMH-Venice, August 2019


SMH-Venice, July 2019


SMH-Venice, June 2019