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SMH AppSMH App Now Offers Location-Based Features!

Helping patients, visitors and staff navigate Sarasota Memorial Health Care System.

Sarasota Memorial’s main campus now covers an expansive 1.1 million square feet, prompting most visitors, patients, and even staff to need a little help with directions. You are here! We’ve just upgraded our SMH app with location-based features to help users find their way around Sarasota Memorial’s main campus. Whether just arriving at Sarasota Memorial or just heading out, the SMH app uses your device’s position to send helpful navigation messages, recognizing important landmarks like main entrances, parking garages and our gift shop. The SMH app is also geo-located with our five Urgent Care Centers, the Institute for Advanced Medicine and HealthFit (with more SMH locations to come).

Most smart devices come with technology that enables geo-location. To use this feature, simply install our app and accept the special instructions. While you have a connection to the internet, your device automatically allows our app to know your relative position in or around the hospital. Please note, there is no capturing of any data from your device and you are in complete control of the app’s notifications. If you prefer to simply use the SMH app to find our doctors, ERs and Urgent Care Centers, services and other helpful links, you can follow instructions to disable notifications for each platform here:


SMH AppIf you would like to search for the app through a browser, please use the keywords "Sarasota Memorial Hospital". Otherwise, you can simply scan the QR Code with your device, and it will take you to the app store. If you don't have a QR code reader on your device, please follow this link for iPhone Scan Apps or Android Scan Apps.

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