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Patient with laptop

What is SMH Family Connect?

First: Are you here to visit a patient's page?

If not and you are here to create a page, please read below. If yes then you need to get the patients unique address to their page. The patient can give you this by going to their homepage and clicking the "Share your page" button or if you know their username you can just visit but replace the word USERNAME with the patient's username.

Keep your friends and family up-to-date on your status as a patient at Sarasota Memorial

Sarasota Memorial provides you with a simple tool to keep your loved ones informed. Instead of using Facebook or calling and emailing everyone, you can use's new Family Connect tool to create a private "hub." Through a simple click on a two-field form you can post your status and, optionally, a picture to your personal, patient profile page. All you have to do is hand out a website link that we provide and a pin number that you create to those whom you want to have access to your private page.

Simply register for free and create your account now and then activate your Family Connect profile.

Still confused?
Follow this link to see a demo of the SMH Family Connect system.

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