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Skin to Skin in the OR

Skin to Skin in the OR
SMH Women’s and Children’s Department understands that birth is a special experience for all families.  The initial moment of ‘welcoming baby’ into our lives is a special family time.

When an expectant mother’s situation requires her to have a C-Section to safely deliver her baby, SMH offers  mothers the option to see her baby as she delivers by C-Section and  then to begin holding her baby within minutes after delivery.   Mothers delivering by C-Section are then able to have this special welcoming time called ‘Skin to Skin’.

Skin to skin is a special bonding time for baby, mother and partner.  Skin to skin provides the environment for baby to gently adjust to the world outside of mother; yet while being held by mother.  Baby is comforted by the soothing, familiar voice of mother and her partner.  Baby’s heart rate, breathing, and temperature adjust sooner to the outside world when they are held skin to skin.  A baby feels safe and secure when held skin to skin in their parent’s arms.  As baby adjust, they are often ready to begin breastfeeding within the first hour after birth.

Posted: Nov 18, 2016,
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Author: Muss