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Posted: Apr 30, 2018

Florida Snakes: What You Need to Know

Written by SMH Emergency Care Clinical Pharmacist Jeremy Lund

More than 50 different snake species naturally inhabit Florida. Of those, there are six types of venomous snakes that you should know about. Here’s a primer, as well as some safety tips to remember, should you encounter one of these natural Florida citizens.
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Posted: Apr 27, 2018

Ask An Expert: Total Joint Replacement Q&A

With SMH Orthopedic Program Coordinator Lisa Kennedy

Considering total joint replacement surgery? Learn what to expect, how to prepare, and how to reduce recovery time in this Ask An Expert video Q&A with SMH Orthopedic Program Coordinator Lisa Kennedy.
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Posted: Apr 26, 2018

Ask an Expert: Breastfeeding Fact or Fiction

With SMH Lactation Specialist Sheera Thomas

To help all nursing moms and moms-to-be dispel breastfeeding fact from fiction, we asked an SMH lactation expert to break down a few of the most common breastfeeding “rules” that new moms encounter.
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Posted: Apr 25, 2018

Ask An Expert: Organ Donation Q&A

With LifeLink of Florida's Ashley Moore

More than 5,800 Floridians are actively awaiting a kidney, pancreas, heart and/or liver transplant. In this #AskAnExpert Q&A, LifeLink of Florida's Ashley Moore debunks common organ donation myths and explains how we can all save lives through organ or tissue donation.
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Posted: Apr 24, 2018

How Can Spring Cleaning Help Fight Drug Abuse?

Written By Pharmacy Resident Melissa Campo

Dispose of your unwanted medications at a designated dropoff location year-round. When improperly disposed of or left to collect dust in a medicine cabinet long after they are needed, prescription drugs often end up in the wrong hands. 
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