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Posted: Oct 4, 2018

Heart Attacks ~ Ask An Expert Q&A

With SMH Cardiovascular Program Coordinator Jacqueline Krusewski

Heart failure nurse and Cardiovascular Program Coordinator Jacqueline Krusewski, RN, answers some of the most frequently asked heart-attack questions in this Healthe-Matters Ask An Expert Q&A.

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Posted: Oct 1, 2018

Breast Cancer Screening ~ Ask an Expert

With SMH Ambulatory Services Manager Carrie Kunda, BS, RT(R)(M)(ARRT)

There are several different types of imaging technology used for breast cancer screening. Which is the best one for you? A veteran mammography technologist discusses breast imaging and what you need to know in this Ask An Expert Q&A.

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Posted: Oct 1, 2018

Breathe Easy October 2018: Tobacco Treatment

A COPD / Pulmonary Disease Support Group video

Learn about best practices for tobacco treatment and quitting smoking in this recorded video of the October 2018 Breathe Easy Support Group meeting.

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Posted: Sep 26, 2018

Robotic Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer ~ Ask an Expert

With SMH Urologic Oncologist Robert Carey, MD, PhD

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men. Find out how minimally invasive surgery can "cure" some cases of the disease in this Ask An Expert Q&A with Sarasota Memorial Urologist Dr. Robert Carey, MD, PhD.

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Posted: Sep 25, 2018

Overcoming Incontinence After Prostatectomy

Written by SMH Outpatient Rehab Pelvic Floor Therapist Shayna Shefrin

Prostatectomy, surgical removal of the prostate, is a common treatment for men with high-risk, aggressive prostate cancer. Many men who opt for open prostatectomy suffer urinary incontinence afterward. Find out how pelvic floor physical therapy can help.

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