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Posted: Mar 6, 2017

Driving Safety and Aging

Over and over, we hear reports of older drivers who are involved in car accidents; mistaking the gas for the brake, not seeing a passing motorist or turning in front of oncoming traffic. We might shake our heads and wonder why people continue to drive beyond the point when they are safe behind the wheel.
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Posted: Jan 9, 2017

Coping With Sleep Loss During Pregnancy

It's safe to assume many new parents aren't sleeping as much as they'd like, but many pregnant women also suffer from sleep loss, according to the National Sleep Foundation.
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Posted: Jan 5, 2017

Flu Season Tips

We are right in the middle of winter, although I say that tongue in cheek for those of us in Florida, as we have seen only a mild seasonal change. However, we are also right in the middle of cold and flu season, which runs Oct. 1 through March 31 annually.

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Posted: Nov 18, 2016

Skin to Skin in the OR

SMH Women’s and Children’s Department understands that birth is a special experience for all families.  The initial moment of ‘welcoming baby’ into our lives is a special family time.
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Posted: Oct 7, 2016

The Late Pre-Term Baby

In humans, the average pregnancy last 40 weeks. The baby’s due date is a guestimate based on the date of mom’s last menstrual cycle. A full term baby is a baby born between 38 and 42 weeks gestation.  The late pre-term baby, are babies that are born between 35 and 36.6 weeks gestation. And before 35 weeks is considered pre-term.
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