Health Tip: Don’t Let Boredom Thwart Your Workout

Health Tip: Don’t Let Boredom Thwart Your Workout

Thursday, June 29, 2017

It's difficult to keep exercising day after day if you're bored with the same routine. But you can mix it up so you look forward to your workout each day.

The American Council on Exercise recommends:

  • Figure out what's boring you. Maybe switch up your cardio workout with something new, such as a kickboxing class. Or skip the treadmill and run a trail.
  • Try an entirely new activity, such as a team sport.
  • Ask a friend to exercise with you.
  • Set a goal to challenge yourself, such as running a 10K. Or use a gadget such as a fitness tracker.
  • If you feel burned out, take a short break from exercise.

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