Digital Mammography

Digital MammographySarasota Memorial's Breast Health Center is pleased to offer one of the region's first digital mammography systems. We are committed to providing the latest in imaging technology and expert, compassionate care. Similar to photography, this system offers the digital advantages of higher resolution. Higher resolution enables radiologists to see more detail within the soft tissue of the breast. This ability can lead to a more accurate diagnosis with fewer women called back for additional imaging.

Sarasota Memorial's digital mammography system uses a breast-scanning technology. This allows for the highest image quality at the lowest possible dose – up to 60 percent less than other analog mammography systems.

As most women know, mammograms require a degree of breast compression in order to obtain accurate images. However, the design of Sarasota Memorial’s system is different from other mammography systems. It has a gently curved breast support and compression paddle, which can help lessen the discomfort some women experience during compression.

Digital technology also provides the most efficient access to your mammograms. The digital images can be transmitted to another site for viewing by the radiologist in only minutes. Women will no longer experience the loss of their mammography exams and the important information they contain.

Seno Full Scanner MachineSarasota Memorial is committed to providing the latest imaging technology and expert, compassionate care. To schedule an appointment at a digital mammogram location, call (941) 917-7322.

*Most insurance companies cover the higher cost of the digital mammography technology. You may want to check with your carrier regarding the level of coverage for this state-of-the-art technology.

* Please be aware that when you receive radiology services, you are billed for services rendered in part by Sarasota Memorial Health Care System Radiology Services for the actual imaging, as well as SMH Radiology Associates for the interpretation of the images. If you have any questions or concerns about your bill, please feel free to call SMH Radiology Associates Billing Office toll free at 1-866-237-2465 or Sarasota Memorial Patient Financial Services at 941-917-1540 for questions concerning your bills.

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