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James Fiorica, MD - Chief of Staff

November 2015 

October DNV Survey results: 
SMHCS has partnered with an alternative hospital accreditation body named Det Norske Veritas.  DNV philosophy is that accreditation should "enable a broader culture change toward high performance and continual improvement." 


Influenza Vaccination & Documentation: Get it & submit it! 
Has Your Flu Vaccination Documentation reached Employee Health?  Fax 941-917-2622.  

At this time, those providers who have declined the flu vaccine are required during recognized flu season:

Providers will exchange their original administered badge(s) for a (one-time purchase fee for $7.00) red badge from Public Security, located on the first floor of the South Parking Garage.

Thank you for your cooperation with this requirement as our patients are vulnerable and at increased risk of infection when they are being cared for at the hospital. Our participation can decrease the risk of transmission of endemic flu during the flu season.


Infection Prevention:
Hand hygiene remains the most important intervention in our arsenal of tools to prevent infections and the World Health Organization (5) five moments of hand hygiene must be practiced in our direct interaction with patients.  

Our compliance with infection control practices sets examples to follow and has a significant impact on staff adherence to these and other patient safety practices. 


Laboratory Information Systems Upgrade:
On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Laboratory will upgrade information systems.  

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