Community Health Education and Outreach Programs

Maintaining a Healthy Community
Through community partnerships with businesses, religious congregations, schools and universities, social service agencies, civic organizations and others, Sarasota Memorial has established a strong community focus on health and wellness. Our commitment to maintaining a healthy community is deep and diverse, evidenced by the many outreach programs and free and discounted medical services the hospital provides each year. Our goal: To offer programs that inspire and motivate people to minimize their risk factors and change unhealthy behaviors while removing any barriers to health care we encounter along the way. Some of the highlights of our outreach efforts include:

Classes & Special Events: Each year, Sarasota Memorial hosts community events to promote health and prevent illness, including health fairs, screenings, seminars and support groups. Browse our online health calendar each month for upcoming classes and programs.

Employee Assistance Program: EAP Sarasota is a free mental health counseling program available to employees of participating businesses in Sarasota County. Sarasota Memorial’s EAP counselors are trained to help with a wide range of individual and family problems. Click here to learn more.

Corporate Volunteer Program: Made up of hundreds of hospital employees, Sarasota Memorial’s Corporate Volunteer Program places our employees where they’re needed when they’re needed – no job is too small or too large, whether it’s collecting school supplies and clothes for needy children; painting and repairing homes for the elderly and disabled; or cleaning up after a charity event for the underprivileged. Call Leigh Wilcox at (941) 917-6693 or email her at for information.

School Health Program
Knowing it’s better to establish healthy habits while you’re young, Sarasota Memorial concentrates its efforts to prevent disease in our future leaders – by teaching the basics in elementary, middle and high schools. From teaching classes on good nutrition and hygiene to stress management, self esteem and sports safety, Sarasota Memorial offers a range of programs that promote healthier behaviors at all grade levels.

Education and Disease Management Programs
Sarasota Memorial offers an ongoing series of health education and disease management programs. Events are customized to address individual neighborhood’s most pressing health problems. Some of the services our health educators provide include: screenings, seminars and classes on disease prevention, nutrition, weight loss, women’s health issues, stress reduction, and managing heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

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