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James Fiorica, MD - Chief of Staff

March 25, 2015

New Physician Parking - Effective Monday, March 30:

Changes have been made to physician parking allotments to create additional parking spaces for our medical staff. The following changes will become effective on Monday, March 30, 2015, and will provide improvement in parking access:

  • Physicians will be provided with a new (2’’x2”) BLUE “cling” type parking decal that should be displayed inside the left (drivers) front windshield.
  • Each physician will be provided with up to two (2) of the new parking decals (for designated physician only). These can be picked at Medical Staff Services - 3rd Floor East Tower, Mon-Friday 8am-5pm.
  • Additional physician parking spaces have been allocated the third floor of the South Parking Garage. PLEASE DO NOT park physician vehicles in the Emergency On-Call Spaces unless a true emergency. These spaces are for your hospital support team (Nurses, Radiology, Cath Lab, etc.) who are coming in from home and need the same speedy parking access as you do.
  • Medical staff members are SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITED from allowing Allied Health Providers, Office Staff, etc. to display a Medical Staff parking decal. These permits are intended for physicians only.


New Allied Health Professional Parking - Effective Monday, March 30:

  • Allied Health Professionals will no longer be permitted to park in designated Physician Parking spaces. Gate access will be deactivated.
  • Allied Health Professionals (CRNA, PA, ARNP, etc.) who are credentialed through the Med Staff Office will be issued a YELLOW Parking Hangtag. Hangtags may be obtained in the Public Safety Administration Office. AHP’s will need to turn in their Green Med Staff hangtag to Public Safety.
  • The “YELLOW Parking Permit” area has been established on the North section of Level 4, South Garage, directly above the Crossover Bridge. Once this area is filled, normal employee parking is the next option.

Please feel free to contact me directly at (941) 313-1740 if you have any questions. We sincerely believe that these changes will drastically improve Physician parking and access issues. Thank you in advance for your help in making this initiative work.

Please feel free to contact Public Safety at X-7233 (SAFE) or stop any uniformed Public Safety Officer if you need assistance locating appropriate parking. Thank you in advanced for your patience.


Will you get the message?

In the event that an Emergency Mass Communication must be sent to our Medical Staff the decision to send a text message is available. Please send an email to to notify of current

(1.) cell phone number and (2.) cell phone provider (AT&T, SPRINT, VERIZON…etc.).

This information will be CONFIDENTIAL and only used for CRITICAL SITUATIONS.


Medical Record Suspension Policy Reminder:

First & Second Violation:

  • Result in temporary and voluntarily relinquishment of privileges until delinquent medical records are completed.

Third violation: CAUTION!

  • The same temporary and voluntary relinquishment of privileges will occur


  • Physician is required to appear before the Medical Executive Committee (MEC)


  • Physician will be fined $500, which must be paid at the MEC meeting where appearance is required.

Fourth Violation:

  • Clinical privileges are voluntarily relinquished.

Have you selected a day of the week to complete ALL incomplete records?

If you experience difficulties with completion of medical records, or have errors on your patient list, please contact Health Information Management’s Physician Completion Hotline at 917-1119 to address your concerns with the process in a timely manner.

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. Please feel free to discuss these issues and any new issues with your medical staff leaders. You are a valued physician at Sarasota Memorial Health Care System.

Best regards,


James Fiorica

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