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Karen Hamad, MD

April, 2016

Great Job during our busiest season yet ensuring excellent patient care!  

HealthFit 5K1st SpringFit 5K and Kids Fun Run
Runners and walkers of all ages laced up their shoes and put a healthy spring in their step at Sarasota Memorial HealthFit’s inaugural 5K and Kids Fun Run, March 26. Congratulations Steven Halbreich, MD, male Master’s winner! All of the race results can be found here.



Emergency Text Message Alerts:
In the event that an Emergency Mass Communication must be sent to our Medical Staff the decision to send a text message is available.Information is CONFIDENTIAL used only for CRITICAL SITUATIONS. Please send an email to to notify of current 
(1.) cell phone number and (2.) cell phone provider (AT&T, SPRINT, VERIZON…etc.).


Patient Experience – Physician Recognition!
Congratulations to our physicians for their outstanding communication skills with our patients!  Physicians recognized have met or exceeded the National Average of 82% on HCAHPS surveys from patients being discharged between August 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015.   


Pediatric Unit, Patients up to age 21 years old
In order to assist with Capacity Initiatives, the Pediatric Unit will now be able to take patients up to 21 years of age. The All Children’s physicians will review any potential patients prior to acceptance.  They are aware and “on board” with this plan.  All competencies are in place to accept these slightly older patients.  Pediatric Unit does NOT have telemetry capabilities at this time.   Fridays are traditionally high volume days for Pediatric Unit.  Please be sure that no 0-17 year old patients are deferred due to this change.  Thank you for your help in making this transition as smooth as possible.  


Placement Information Order Set, redesigned
As part of the overall SMH Capacity project, the Placement Information order has been redesigned. The newly-redesigned Placement Information order will automatically generate a bed request in Tele-tracking, and therefore replace the current manual process. This change will decrease the time associated with the bed request, and increase patient flow.


Restraint Order Policy, revision
The Restraint Order policy has been revised to reflect best practices these important changes will require mandatory annual training of physicians and credentialed advanced practice professionals.  

  1. Two types of restraint orders: Violent Restraint order (can only be ordered by a physician)
  2. 1 Hour Face-To-Face Assessment must be completed by a physician for all patients in hard restraints or seclusion for violent self-destructive behavior (Exception: At Bayside, this is done by specially trained RNs).  
  3. ARNP’s or PA’s can order Non-Violent, Non-Self Destructive restraints for Non-Violent patients: Must request privilege thru Medical Staff Services and be granted approval by Board of Trustees.  


SCM/Allscripts Tutorials

Need a refresher to complete aide in chart completion? Web based tutorials are available. Open the Hyperlink to Clinical Information Systems Online Learning Module


Trauma Program, update - In March, we welcomed the American College of Surgeons surveyors.  The ACS reviewers were pleased with the development of our Trauma Center.


Voalte Collaboration – It’s Available!
The Internal Medicine Hospitalist groups FPG, IMG and Elite have coordinated efforts to implement Voalte in their workflow processes.  Staff is encouraged to take advantage of the communication tool!