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10 Fire Safety Tips for Kids
04.23.2014 [New Moms & Dads]


This week, we share “10 fire safety tips for kids” from a great blog by author Jenn Savedge, originally posted on the Mother Nature Network website. A direct link to the blog page on MNN’s website is included at the bottom of this post.

Savedge, who writes parenting books and blogs about raising children and health issues, includes these 10 important tips about fire safety in the home. She’s written them in brief, easy to understand language, so that parents can use them as a teaching tool for children. Do your children understand what fire is and the danger of fire? Would they know how to stay calm if a fire started?

Home fire safety is imperative, so take time with your kids to ensure they are comfortable with each safety tip. And put it on the calendar to have regular refreshers – it’s a good idea, so that everyone in the home knows just what to do in case of a fire emergency.

1. Don’t play with matches. In fact, don’t even pick them up. If you find matches or a lighter on the floor, be sure to tell an adult. This goes for lit candles, too.

2. Check your house for smoke detectors. There should be at least one on every floor of your home. And ask your parents when the batteries were last changed. Most fire departments recommend changing batteries twice a year — in the fall when you set the clocks back and in the spring when you set them forward.

3. Check your house for fire hazards. Fireplaces and electrical cords should be checked regularly to make sure they are in good working order. If there is an adult in the home who smokes, make sure that he disposes of his ashes frequently in a heavy metal container.

4. Make a family fire safety plan. What should you do if you hear the smoke alarm in the middle of the night? Talk to your family about where you should go and what you should all do in the event of a fire. There should be two ways to escape from every room (in case one way is blocked by fire.) And you should pick a location outside — a neighbor’s house, a big tree, a nearby park — where everyone can meet.

5. Practice your fire safety plan. Don’t just talk about it —run through your plan to make sure everyone knows what to do. Check windows and screens to make sure that they will open if necessary. And practice meeting up at your assigned location outside.

6. Don’t hide, go outside! If there is a fire in your home, remember this important fire safety tip:  You may be scared, but never hide during a fire. Get outside and wait for your parents or caregivers at your assigned spot.

7. Fall and crawl. The best way to escape in the event of a fire is to get low to the ground where there is less smoke in the air and crawl your way to safety.

8. Stop, drop and roll! If your clothes are on fire, don’t panic, remember the saying and do it: stop, drop and roll. Keep rolling until the fire is out. Don’t run — it will make the fire spread faster.

9. Never go back inside a burning building. You made a fire safety plan with your family, now stick to it! Once you get to the designated meeting spot, stay there and wait for your family to arrive.

10. Know your emergency phone numbers. Call 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency. You should also know the number for a nearby emergency contact (a relative, friend, or neighbor) who can respond quickly if your family needs help.

For direct access to the blog, go to

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