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Unwanted Advice
09.12.2014 [New Moms & Dads]

unwanted-adviceI’m not sure if any of you know what it means to have an Italian mother in law, but let’s just say I got a LOT of unwanted advice that first year. I loved her dearly, but didn’t know how to get her to stop dispensing her continuous stream of advice. It seemed no matter what I did, it wasn’t done quite right. I was frustrated and second guessed everything. It was not a good place to be.

No matter what, remember that this new little person is not only important to you but also to other close family members. Because they love you and have a close relationship with you, they feel this allows them to comment and suggest.  They are well meaning and want what’s best for this newest addition to the family. You just need some guidance in how to respond.

  • Listen first: I think we all tend to get defensive and feel as if we are being judged. Most likely you are not and the other person is sharing what they feel is valuable and important. Try to listen, there may be something that you may be able to use that you never thought of.
  • Disregard: Acknowledge the other person and if there is there is no convincing the other person to change their mind, just smile, nod and make a non-committal response, such as “Interesting!” Then go about your business…and don’t look back
  • Pick Your Battles: Wow…incredibly important life lesson. Determine what issues are most important to you as you raise your child. What are the deal breakers so to speak. If your mother –in-law wants the baby to wear a hat in 75 degree weather, just do it.  It won’t have any long term effects. But, if she states her strong opinion on sleep training or feeding practices, and you don’t agree, you need to hold your ground.
  • Educate Yourself and the Other Person: Knowledge is power and you will feel more confident having it! Empower yourself by reading evidence based information on parenting issues. Once you’ve gained the knowledge, share it. It might be that the unwanted advice is just a lack of correct information. You may open their mind!
  • Seek Out Like- Minded Friends: Go to a postpartum support group. I think you get your best support from people that are going through the same experience as you are.  This will give you the strength to face people who don’t understand your viewpoints.

And lastly, regardless of the advice, this is YOUR baby and in the end, you will raise your child the way you think best. In the end, it’s really not worth creating a war and possible damaging a relationship over a well-meaning person’s comments.

Soothing Sounds for Sleep
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Breastfeeding Support & Latch Clinic
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Fantastic nurses from Labor and Delivery and the Mother-Baby Unit!
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