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Comprehensive Bariatric Program
As the advantages of weight-loss surgery become evident, more physicians than ever are prescribing it as a viable treatment for patients with morbid obesity. While any major surgery has associated risks, in some cases, the risks of not having this surgery may be even greater. Sarasota Memorial offers a Comprehensive Bariatric Program with the best surgical expertise in the region and outstanding support every step of the way. Physicians recommend bariatric surgery when:

  • All other attempts at weight loss have failed.
  • Health conditions (co-morbidities) have created a medical need for surgery.
  • Surgery seems to be the only option to achieve necessary weight loss.
  • The patient is physically and mentally stable enough for major surgery.

To help us pre-qualify you for bariatric surgery, please fill out the accompanying four-question "Do you qualify" form and submit it. One of our team members will reach out to you.